Have a need for cheese? A yen for yogurt? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome, dairy devotees, to the dairy aisle at Sporked. What you’ll find here are carefully curated rankings of everything dairy: we’re talking the best cheese, the best butter (salted and unsalted!), the best skyr (if you don’t know what that is, we can help), and so much more creamy goodness. See, when you’re looking for the best cheese, that can mean a lot of things. Maybe you need cheese for a charcuterie board, i.e. cheese that’s both tasty and fancy enough to impress your guests (unless your charcuterie board is a solo girl dinner—we support that, too). For those purposes, we’ve ranked everything from cheddar to goat cheese. Or maybe you need shredded mozzarella for a pizza, American for a melty grilled cheese, or cream cheese (yep, still a cheese!) for the perfect bagel. We have you covered on all three fronts. If you’re eating healthy, we see you, too. That’s why we ranked the best cottage cheese. And if you need something sweeter, we ranked flavored cottage cheese, too. You can trust our takes on the best dairy products. Why? We actually taste everything we rank and we only rank foods we think you should run out and buy. We look for good texture and flavor, obviously, but we also take into consideration things like price, packaging, and utility. In these rankings, you’ll see not only the product we think is the very best, but also runners-up that might be better for you. We here at Sporked take dairy seriously. We’re committed to bringing you the creamiest and dreamiest dairy products, so click around to find what you gotta grab the next time you’re at the grocery store.

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