These AAPI-Founded Brands Should Be in Your Shopping Cart All Year Long

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month may be coming to an end, but celebrating it doesn’t have to be reserved for the month of May. With some help from the Mythical crew, we rounded up AAPI-founded brands that should be on your shopping list year-round.

Brooklyn Delhi

Brooklyn Delhi’s Curry Ketchup made our list of the best ketchups you can buy, but their delicious offerings don’t end there. They sell condiments and sauces “inspired by Indian culinary traditions and plant-based ingredients.” If you like their products, check out founder Chitra Agrawal’s cookbook, Vibrant India: Fresh Vegetarian Recipes from Bangalore to Brooklyn.

Fly By Jing

If you’re a food lover who’s been on the internet in the last year, you’re probably familiar with Fly By Jing, a brand that’s become known for its incredible spice mixes, sauces, and dumplings. Jing Gao founded Fly By Jing in 2018, “inspired by the amazing flavors of [her] hometown Chengdu and its famous ‘fly’ restaurants—soulful hole-in-the-wall eateries so good they attract diners like flies.” Mythical marketing coordinator Kelly Dang loves their “deliciously versatile chili crisp, which can be added to everything from veggies and noodles to ice cream.” She’s also “deeply inspired by Jing,” because Jing “[stays] true to her roots and [refuses] to shrink herself in order to ‘fit in.’”


Mythical design intern Paula Kunateerachadalai swears by Thai brand Aroy-D’s products, particularly their young coconut juice with the pulp. After moving to America from Thailand when she was a child, her mom always used Aroy-D. Paula says their products feel “authentically Thai.”

gimMe Organic

GimMe Organic is “on a mission to turn seaweed—the most delicious, nutritious, and environmentally-sustainable vegetable in the world—into an absolute snacking sensation.” Founded by Annie Chun, who was born and raised in Seoul, and her husband Steve Broad, gimMe has set out to make sustainable seaweed snacks mainstream in North America. Sporked social media manager Mark Catangui loves gimMe’s selection of flavors, which includes teriyaki, wasabi, and sesame.

Health-Ade Kombucha

If you know kombucha, you probably know (and love) Health-Ade. We sure do. The brand’s Pink Lady Apple flavor topped our list of the best kombuchas you can buy. Vanessa Dew co-founded and serves as chief sales officer of this wildly popular kombucha brand that strives to “[give] the world a healthier gut.” Sarah Demonteverde, our designer here at Sporked, swears by their Bubbly Rose variety. She likes that it “balances sweetness and the gut-punching bitterness and acidity” of a typical kombucha.


Brothers Vincent and Andrew Kitirattragarn grew up between New York City and Bangkok, and that inspired them to create Dang Foods. Named after their mother, the company offers a wide variety of coconut chips, rice chips, and snack bars. Their “uniquely Asian-American snacks” are plant-based, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Plus, their coconuts are “sourced from family farms in Thailand” and “[meet] rigorous standards of environmental performance and public transparency.”


Lauryn Chun launched Mother-In-Law’s in 2009. Since then, it’s become one of the most recognizable names in kimchi. Lauryn started her company because she believes that kimchi “belongs in the ranks of fine fermented foods like wine, cheese and beer.” We certainly agree, and we love Mother-In-Law’s.

Red Boat

When Red Boat founder Cuong Pham moved to the U.S. from Saigon, he found himself missing Vietnam’s delicious fish sauce. Since he couldn’t find it here, he decided to make it. Red Boat’s fish sauce is made with “no additives, no preservatives, and no flavor enhancers” and you can taste the difference. Mythical Kitchen’s newest member, Lily Cousins, loves Red Boat because it’s “really freakin’ good quality fish sauce” and is available “in most stores now and accessible to everyone.” She uses it “like [you would] use salt” and puts it in everything. She even admits to having “drank it out of the bottle.”

Maya Kaimal Foods

Maya Kaimal, the founder of Maya Kaimal Foods, is a published cookbook author who developed a love of Indian food while making trips to India with her family as a child. Now, her simmer sauces, marinades, and packaged meals can be found at grocery stores all over the country. Try the jarred Tikka Masala or Jalfrezi Curry the next time you don’t feel like waiting for takeout.

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