About Sporked

What Is Sporked

We’re the internet’s source for the best in food rankings. We taste test every grocery item (well, the edible ones, at least) and find the best foods for you to buy—from jarred marinara sauce to frozen chicken nuggets to chocolate ice cream and everything in between. 

Who Is Sporked

We’re part of the Mythical Crew, joining Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link and Mythical Kitchen. But we’re a bit different. We’re a website. We’re also a group of food lovers and experts who will happily talk your ear off about the best sardines we ever had or the futility of comparing Red Vines to Twizzlers. Find out more about the team

How We Taste Test

Before each taste test, we gather up a selection of the top selling, most popular, and most widely available products. Then, we actually taste each one. We line up Dijon mustards and toast frozen waffle after frozen waffle, then try them all as a team. We treat each item with as much gravitas as that other site treats the testing of ergonomic chairs. We consider flavor, texture, aesthetics, cost, nostalgia—everything you consciously and subconsciously think of when you take a bite of food. Then, we choose the top products, write up our reviews, and rank them. If we decide to include an item on our lists it’s because we genuinely like it and think you will too. This is all real. Need proof? Watch us taste test on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

How You Can Get Involved

Tell us about your favorite products in the comments and we’ll try them as we continue to update our rankings. Or you can submit videos of your at-home taste tests and rankings by posting on social with #SporkedTasteTest. You might see your own beautiful face stuffed with BBQ chips show up on our social channels. And please get in touch to tell us what you think we should be tasting next. We’re always looking for new ways to stock our (virtual) shelves with delicious new content. 

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