Meet the Sporked Team

Who’s tasting all the food? We are! Meet the professional eaters behind the content you read on and all of our social channels.

Justine Sterling, Editor-in-Chief

Justine Sterling

Justine Sterling has been writing about food and beverages for well over a decade and is an avid at-home cook and snacker. Don’t worry, she’s not a food snob. Sure, she loves a fresh-shucked oyster. But she also will leap at whatever new product Reese’s releases and loves a Tostitos Hint of Lime, even if there is no actual lime in the ingredients.

Gwynedd Stuart, Managing Editor

Gwynedd Stuart

Gwynedd Stuart is an L.A.-based writer and editor who spends way, way too much time at the grocery store. She’s never met an Old El Paso taco or mozzarella stick she didn’t like.

Jordan Myrick, Staff Writer

Jordan Myrick

Jordan Myrick is an L.A.-based writer and comedian who believes all food should come with extra sauce. When they’re not writing for Sporked, Jordan is at the movies or sharing an order of french fries with their elderly chihuahua.

Danny Palumbo, Staff Writer

Danny Palumbo

Danny Palumbo is a comedian, cook, and food writer living in Los Angeles. He loves gas station eggs, canned sardines, and Easter candy. He also passionately believes that all the best chips come from Pennsylvania (Herr’s!). If you can’t understand Danny when he talks, it’s because he’s from Pittsburgh.

Naajia Shukri, Editorial Assistant

Naajia Shukri

Naajia Shukri is the legit biggest fan of candy corn. She is interested in all things food, art, and beauty. After living in Korea for the past two years, she has gotten back to her L.A. roots, frequenting thrift stores and art museums.

Mark Catangui, Social Media Manager

Mark Catangui

Mark Catangui, Sporked‘s social media manager, is an L.A.-based marketer & content creator with a disdain for peanut butter. He prioritizes an order of onion rings above all, and thinks silken tofu needs more love. Try and change his feelings about eating liver.