Popcorn Tastes Good in a Place Like This: AMC Popcorn Is Heading to Stores

Everyone knows that popcorn at the movie theater just hits different. You can microwave all the “movie theater butter” flavored popcorn you want, but you will seldom be able to replicate the perfectly buttery, salty, crunchy goodness that is the stuff from the concessions stand. And that’s fax. Or at least it has been fax. But that all might be changing soon, because this week AMC theaters announced that you will soon be able to buy AMC Perfectly Popcorn exclusively at Walmart (well, exclusively with the exception of movie theaters).

What? AMC Theaters popcorn? In my very own household? Is this some sort of prank? Am I being punk’d right now?

Nah dawg, it is very, very real. And it’s not just one kind of popcorn, it’s six. The AMC Perfectly Popcorn lineup will include both microwave popcorn and pre-popped popcorn versions of the flavors Classic Butter, Extra Butter, and Lightly Salted. But the real question is: Will it taste like the real deal? Will AMC Perfectly Popcorn bear a striking 1:1 resemblance to the AMC Theaters Popcorn we pay way too much money for but enjoy the heck out of while watching Spiderman (spoiler alert) swing on webs and stuff? The answer remains to be seen.

As for where we can find the stuff, the answer is only at Walmart, starting March 11. Y’all. I think I have to try it. I need to know how accurate it is, specifically the pre-popped one. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: people pooh-pooh pre-popped popcorn, but if AMC has somehow found a way to make pre-popped popcorn that tastes like the real “AMC Theaters popcorn” deal, then who are we to pooh-pooh them? If they’ve truly perfected pre-popped popcorn, then people’s persistent and preposterous pooh-pooh-ing of pre-popped popcorn must promptly perish in perpetuity. Or at least, that’s the opinion of the court, the court being me.  

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