Ask Sporked: What Snacks Do You Eat Around the Office?

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Hello Sporked Crew,

I’m an office admin lady at an architecture company and I’m in charge of ordering snacks for all the good, hard working folks here. I can’t stress enough that it’s a weekly struggle to choose the right things to stock our cabinets with. I try to maintain a balance between healthy and terrible, but delicious. And maybe I’m wondering on a more personal level, what kind of snacks are stocked near the Sporked water cooler? And I mean other than tens of spoonfuls carrying different types of ketchup or mayo. 

I want to inspire these architects with a beautifully decorated selection of munchies. 

Let me know your thoughts. 

– America “snack bitch” Hall

Dearest America “Snack Bitch” Hall,

First of all, we commend you for doing the important work around your office! Snacks may not constitute the most crucial meal of the day—or, you know, a meal at all—but they sure make work more enjoyable.

In general, I’d say the snacks the Sporked team consumes are a mix of leftovers from recent taste tests and snacks we grab from the common spaces at Mythical HQ. When I asked the team for their faves, I got a good mix of both—as well as a mix of snacks that are healthy and substantial and snacks that just taste good and are fun to eat.

Staff writer Danny Palumbo recently conducted a beef stick taste test (ranking coming soon!) and ended up really loving the Chomps Jalapeño Beef Stick, which is kind of like an upgraded Slim Jim. Danny praised Chomps for being “less processed, beefier, and delicious.” Danny also recommends chips, but stuff you don’t see every day. Rather than a variety pack of fun-size bags of Frito-Lay products, opt for Hawaiian Brand’s variety pack of kettle chips—the Luau BBQ flavor is particularly popular around here—or single-serving bags of something outside-the-box like Herr’s Ketchup chips.

Staff writer Jordan Myrick likes a more substantial snack. “I will always reach for something like vegetarian instant noodles (I like Nongshim Soon Cup Noodle Soup or Lotus Foods Rice Ramen) or a bagel and cream cheese. I prefer them because they’re actually filling and these are a great alternative to typical office snacks like dried fruit, nuts, and granola bars that can be super hard on digestion (shoutout to my gastrointestinally sensitive squad).”

Like Danny, editorial assistant Naajia Shukri loves a beef stick, but also tends to gravitate toward something that’s specifically not filling, like a Rice Krispies Treat. She likes that they satisfy a sweet tooth without making you feel gross and full. Editor in Chief Justine Sterling, on the other hand, likes a snack that feels like it’s actually fuel. “I am a sucker for the KIND Minis—particularly the dark chocolate and sea salt ones. I will also go to bat for treating a cup of milk as a snack. Treat your employees to nice milk!”

I agree that good milk is a must! If there’s cereal in the house (the JoJo Siwa cereal became an unlikely hit around here), treat the team to some good whole milk. Like, I never buy whole milk at home, but I love that Naajia tends to order Fairlife lactose-free whole milk for the work fridge. Milk also goes nicely with one of our favorite snack discoveries of the past few months: Stuffed Puffs chocolate-stuffed marshmallows. I can’t help but think architects will love a snack this inspired (and delicious).

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Gwynedd Stuart, Sporked’s managing editor, is an L.A.-based writer and editor who spends way, way too much time at the grocery store. She’s never met an Old El Paso taco or mozzarella stick she didn’t like.

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  • I’m with Naajia, a Rice Krispies Treat is a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth without feeling bad about it. And the mini-sized ones are better than the standard/large ones, they’re denser and give you that satisfying chew that makes them feel more substantial than they are.