How Hot Is the New Banza Tabasco “Hotter by the Bite” Pizza?

Banza and Tabasco have teamed up to create a new high protein, gluten free pizza that promises to set your mouth on fire. It consists of a base of red sauce mixed with the classic Tabasco sauce, a rim of Tabasco Scorpion Sauce (the spiciest Tabasco sauce) that lines the crust of the pizza, and a layer of melty cheese. According to Banza, “ranch, milk, and tears are good coping mechanisms” when enjoying this pizza. We tasted it to see if it’s actually hot and, more importantly, if it actually tastes good!

tabasco pizza

New Product!

Banza x Tabasco “Hotter by the Bite” Pizza

This pizza is way too spicy for most people to enjoy, but you can’t be mad because that’s what they promise! This is essentially just Tabasco pizza. Does that interest you? Keep reading!

Pros: This is genuinely a pretty good frozen pizza. The crust is especially impressive considering it’s gluten free and made from chickpeas. I also love that this Tabasco pizza delivers on its promise. It is very, very spicy and it does, in fact, get “hotter by the bite.” Who doesn’t love a product that sticks to its word? If you really love extremely hot food that makes you sweat, give this a go.

Cons: Realistically, this Banza pizza is too spicy to enjoy. And that’s coming from someone who loves really spicy food! When you lift the pizza to your lips, it makes your eyes burn a little in a mace sort of way. It’s not pleasant. Additionally, I wish there was more cheese. Our ‘za was a little sad looking in the dairy department. I’ve definitely had worse frozen pizzas, but I have also definitely had better frozen pizzas.

tabasco pizza




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  • Please stop acting like you love spicy foods. You love mild foods. You keep saying you love the spicy in the mildest mythical taste tests. It’s nothing personal, just a major pet peeve when someone has a big media platform and has obviously never had anything hot outside of fast food. Spanish got it right with different word for heat and spice