Best Bloody Mary Mix: 7 Bloody Mary Mixes for Brunch Done Right

The best Bloody Mary mix is savory, zesty, and not too thick. We tried 13 different bottles to find the best tasting Bloody Mary mix brands on the market. Here’s our ranking of the top seven.

My love affair with Bloody Marys started out when I was very young. Wanting to be like my grandfather, I ordered Bloody Mary mix on a plane. “What a cool kid,” I hear you saying. “I wish I could have known that awesome kid.” I was cool. I was drinking something deeply red and curiously thick as we defied gravity. It was the height of sophistication for a ten-year-old. I’ve been a Bloody Mary devotee ever since. I still drink virgin Blood Mary mix on planes but I also indulge in the adult versions spiked with classic vodka, smoky mezcal, herbaceous gin—I’ve even had a bourbon Bloody or two in my time. So, I felt particularly prepared for this assignment and excited to find the definitive, best Bloody Mary mix.

The Sporked team (a mix of Bloody Mary devotees and newbies) gathered ‘round the tasting table to try a bar’s worth of some of the top brands of Bloody Mary mix, joined by Mythical e-commerce coordinator Andjelina Belcastro, a proud member of team “big garnish.” We were looking for a Bloody Mary mix that was savory and zesty, but balanced. It needed to have some body but couldn’t be too thick—we didn’t want to drink gazpacho. We came out the other side with extremely high sodium levels but sure that our next brunchtime Bloody would be a great one. Here are the best Bloody Mary mixes we tasted.

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Best Bloody Mary Mix: Mr & Mrs T Original

Best of the Best

Mr & Mrs T Original Bloody Mary Mix

Mr & Mrs T Bloody Mary Mix has been my go-to for a long time. It’s in my parents’ fridge for their odd 5 p.m. Bloody Mary ritual, it’s the airline standard, it’s great. It’s tangy, tomato-forward, and, most of all, extremely savory. There’s a hint of spice to it and some artificial lime—this is exactly when I want artificial lime. Mr & Mrs T is the best Bloody Mary mix as is, but it’s also great with vodka, and it leaves room for customization. If you want your Bloody extra-spicy, load it up with hot sauce. It can take it. If you want more of that sinus-clearing horseradish, add a few spoonfuls. This is the Heinz ketchup of the Bloody Mary mix world. Cheers to the happy couple, the Ts. 

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Best Virgin Bloody Mary Mix: Major Peters’ Bloody Mary Mix

Best for Virgin Bloodies

Major Peters’ Bloody Mary Mix

This was a shocker. Even though I had seen Major Peters’ Bloody Mary Mix on other “best Bloody Mary mix” lists, it was a new name to me and the label didn’t scream “tasty.” I just don’t associate British colonialist soldiers with high quality Bloodies. But apparently I should, because this umami bomb of a mix is delicious. Major Peters’ heavy on the tomato flavors with a hint of smoke and layers of vegetal flavors. It’s not spicy at all, so it’s perfect for the spice averse. It’s also excellent sipped on its own. No booze required (but it is certainly appreciated).

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Best Pickle Flavored Bloody Mary Mix: The Real Dill

Best Pickle-Flavored

The Real Dill Bloody Mary Mix

The Real Dill Bloody Mary Mix comes in a pickle jar, so you can check “kitsch factor” off your best Bloody Mary mix list. But don’t worry, pickle lovers, it gets more pickley from there. This mix is tangy, salty, and definitely dilly—but there’s still some lovely, fresh cucumber flavors as well. The Real Dill somehow manages to be extremely pickle-forward without being too heavy on the vinegar. “She’s delicious,” Andjelina said. And Sporked editorial assistant Naajia Shukri, a Bloody Mary neophyte, agreed saying, “I’m a fan.”

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Best Spicy Bloody Mary Mix: Cutwater Spicy

Best Spicy

Cutwater Spicy Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix

Cutwater’s canned Bloody Marys have been a camping staple for me and my husband since they premiered on the market, so I came to this mix with high expectations. They were (mostly) met; it is indeed the best Bloody Mary mix for heat seekers. It’s a surprisingly zesty, lemony mix with long-lasting spice that tingles throughout your mouth but doesn’t burn your lips off. Try it with tequila or gin for a little Sunday morning excitement. I do have two criticisms, though: First of all, the spice level on the label is very confusing. We weren’t sure whether it was indicating four peppers or one pepper. I like to know what I’m getting into. Secondly, it is a thick mix, which makes it great for mixing with spirits, but not great for sipping solo. So, if you opt for this mix, stick to the boozy Bloodies.

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Best Mild Bloody Mary Mix: V8 Bloody Mary Mix

Best for Beginners

V8 Bloody Mary Mix

In college, I had plenty of room temperature Bloody Marys made with vodka and standard V8, which I would argue is not actually a Bloody Mary mix but simply spiked vegetable juice. I am not a fan. But the V8 Bloody Mary mix is actually quite good. It’s savory and meaty at first and then reveals some semi-sweet vegetal notes. It’s mild and tasty and you can feel like you’re actually getting some nutritional value out of your morning Bloody (even though you are not—you’re just getting the addition of red pepper). It’s the best Bloody Mary mix for those who are just starting to get a taste for the savory brunch beverage.

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Best Bloody Mary Mix: Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix

Best Zesty

Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix

I love how Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix so aptly describes the flavor: It is, indeed, both zingy and zangy. It’s heavy on the vinegar, celery, and pepper. It hits you in the chest with its zingy-ness and it gets your mouth watering with its zangy-ness. If you’re looking for bright and zesty and tangy, this is the best Bloody Mary mix for you. And if you’re just looking for something fun to say, you should also go for this mix.

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Best Bloody Mary Mix: McClure's

Best for Pickle Lovers

McClure’s Bloody Mary Mixer

You’ll see this uber-trendy brand at the top of many best Bloody Mary mix lists. McClure’s Bloody Mary Mixer is definitely is good. It’s tangy, spicy, and very, very briny. It’s great if you love pickles—like, really, really love pickles—but if you don’t regularly take pickleback shots or swigs out of the pickle jar in your fridge, then this one might be a little too much for you. For pickle lovers, though, it’s a dream come true. Skip the vodka and pair McClure’s Bloody Mary Mixer with a boldly flavored spirit like bourbon or even a blended scotch. Garnish it with bacon. Go all out with big flavors. Just be careful when you’re pouring—the jar makes spillage almost unavoidable.

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