Which Blue Gatorade Is the Best Blue Gatorade?

A couple of months ago, I did a Powerade vs. Gatorade taste test on TikTok to find which brand has the better blue sports drink (important work; someone’s gotta do it). I tried Powerade Mountain Berry Blast alongside Gatorade Glacier Freeze and decided that Mountain Berry Blast was superior. End of story. But it wasn’t the end of the story! Commenters immediately informed me that I’d tried “the wrong blue Gatorade.” Turns out, there’s a shitload of blue Gatorades.

There are 22 flavors of Gatorade total (not including Gatorlyte, G2, G Fit, etc., etc.), and at least seven of them are blue (or blue-ish). I tried them all—from green-blue to practically purple—to find the best of the blues.

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Gatorade Frost Arctic Blitz

Is it blue? Not really. It’s blue-green, like a backyard swimming pool in the throes of an algae bloom. 

How’s it taste? Not great. I said “ew” aloud when I took a sip. This tastes like fabric softener smells. Blue fabric softener, but still.

Gatorade Frost Icy Charge

Is it blue? It’s blue-ish. Murky blue-ish. I swear this changes color depending on the lighting and, no, I’m not high. 

How’s it taste? This one tastes pret-ty good, I gotta say. Impossible to describe, but tasty and tangy—sweet and smooth like apple juice, but with a little tartness.

Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze

Is it blue? Yes. Light blue. 

How’s it taste? This was the “wrong blue Gatorade” I tried during the initial taste test. It’s good, but the flavor isn’t blue. To me, this tastes like a slightly less citrussy version of Lemon-Lime Gatorade. That’s not blue.

Gatorade Zero Glacier Freeze 

Is it blue? Yep, light blue, just like its sugary counterpart.

How’s it taste? Pretty much exactly like Glacier Freeze with just a leeeetle bit of that sugar-free saccharine kind of flavor. If someone poured this into the other bottle, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Gatorade Cool Blue 

Is it blue? Yes, like beautiful eyes you’d get lost in. Azure pools.

How’s it taste? Again, I can’t quite put a finger on the exact flavor (and Gatorade makes no effort to give flavor profiles for its bevs unless the flavor is explicitly part of the name), but it’s blue. This is delicious and an ideal blue.

Gatorade Berry

Is it blue? Yes, maybe the bluest of them all, tbh. 

How’s it taste? The flavor is fine—not as good as Cool Blue. “Berry” is so vague. I guess I detect a little bit of phony blueberry flavor, but that isn’t terribly compelling.

Gatorade Blue Cherry

Is it blue? Yes, even more blue than Cool Blue, but not as blue as Berry. 

How’s it taste? Like a blue cherry! Just kidding, blue cherry does not exist. It doesn’t even exist as a fake flavor like blue raspberry. I commend Gatorade for trying to make “blue cherry” become a thing, but I don’t know if it’ll catch on.

The best blue is …

Cool Blue, baby.

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  • It’s always been cool blue

  • Cool blue is the best Gatorade, and the flavor is orange. It’s the best orange flavored beverage.