Best Earl Grey Tea: Cuddle Up with a Cup Of the Best Earl Grey Tea

The best Earl Grey tea has a gentle flavor that could relax even the most stressed-out person. I think of Earl Grey tea as being very mild. It’s the tea you get at any hotel. It’s a crowd-pleaser! Buy after trying a bunch of brands of Earl Grey, I realized that’s not really the case.

Many Earl Grey teas on the market taste weird. They’re potent or even chemically. In the past, I thought you could pick up any box at the grocery store and be perfectly happy. That’s wrong! That’s why we compiled this list of the best Earl Grey teas on the market. Don’t be like me and think any Earl Grey will do. Buy these!

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Best of the Best

Good Earth Creme Earl Grey Black Tea

I had never even heard of Good Earth tea before this taste test. Now, I’ll be stocking my pantry with their products on a regular basis. Their Earl Grey tea is so delightfully complex. It has floral notes and hints of vanilla, and the flavor is bold without being overpowering. In my opinion, this is the perfect Earl Grey tea. Plus, the tea bags are biodegradable, so this is the best Earl Grey tea you can buy if you don’t want to worry about your environmental impact while you enjoy your soothing, warm beverage.

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Best Budget

Trader Joe’s Organic Earl Grey Tea

Trader Joe’s doesn’t always make good products, but they do have a way with tea. Their Earl Grey is no exception. This is a great mild version of a tea that can be super overpowering. This is one of the few Earl Grey teas we tried that I thought would be wonderful both hot and iced. And, like all Trader Joe’s products, it’s so affordable. This is a huge win for TJ’s.

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Best for the Evening

Twinings Earl Grey Black Tea

Between the style of the packaging, the upscale flavor, and posh name, Twinings always feels fancy. This would be the best Earl Grey tea to prepare after slipping into a satin robe with feather trim. It’s very mild and made me feel a little sleepy. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the “best for nighttime” because it does have caffeine, but something about it just feels like it’s meant to be sipped later in the day. It’s a relaxation tea.

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Most Eco-Friendly

Numi Organic Aged Earl Grey Black Tea

Don’t get confused. This is the Numi tea you already know and love, but with updated packaging. They may have a new look, but they did not change the quality of their product. This Earl Grey tea is deliciously mild and very soothing. My favorite thing about this tea, though, is that Numi is tasty and eco-friendly. Their teas are ethically sourced, fair trade, organic, and non-GMO. If you care about your environmental impact but still want a tea that tastes good, grab a box of this!

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Best Bulk

O Organics Earl Grey Organic Tea

If you plan on having a tea party anytime soon, O Organics makes the best Earl Grey tea to stock up on. It comes in packs of 20 for under $3, which means it feels upscale without breaking the bank. You could make a large batch of iced tea for a party or serve yourself a hot cup of Earl Grey morning, noon, and night on a budget. The taste is light and mild. I think even an Earl Grey hater could appreciate this tea.

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Other Products We Tried: Private Selection, Bigelow Decaffeinated, Tazo, Harney & Sons, Sprouts

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  • The best Earl Grey tea is — and I speak here as someone who’s had every tea on your list — actually the Downton Abbey Estate blend sold by Republic of Tea.