Best Gluten-Free Game Day Snacks

It’s about time we made this list. Just because your body rejects gluten doesn’t mean we would ever reject you. And just because you eat gluten-free doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an absolutely bangin’ list of game day snacks to choose from when you’re deciding what to buy for you and your friends. So without further ado, get your jersey on, grab a gluten-free football, and get ready to read about some tasty snacks that are sure to be a slam dunk for gluten-free and gluten-consuming humans alike.

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Classic Lay’s

Believe it or not, our beloved Classic Lay’s potato chips are gluten-free. No really, they are! This classic game day snack is gluten-free without even trying. She’s effortlessly brilliant, like when pro soccer players do that thing where they kick the ball while falling on their backs. Ugh, magnificent. These chips are “delightfully fatty and rich” and “pleasantly greasy and salty, making them one of the more addicting chips out there,” according to former staff writer Danny Palumbo, and I wholeheartedly agree with him. They’re a people pleaser. Ya can’t go wrong with these.

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Banza Four Cheese Pizza

Yes, a gluten-free pizza. What is a game day without some form of pizza? Just sports. And who’s having a game day party for the sports?! Danny said this pizza was “so dang warm and hearty—maybe even more so than a regular pizza.” It was so good in fact, that he ate two slices during the taste test. That’s like 15 more bites than his required one! Does that mean this pizza is 16 times better than other frozen pizzas you could buy in spite of the fact that it is gluten-free? Perhaps.

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Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Roasted Garlic Crackers

Ya gotta have some sort of cracker out for the gluten-free folks to dip into hummus and such, and if you have to have a gluten-free cracker, why not choose one that is absolutely delicious? Danny says Crunchmaster understands flavor and texture in a way other brands do not, and called these crackers both “crunchy as hell” and the “perfect combination of salty, nutty, and pungent.” If that doesn’t sound like the perfect cracker I don’t know what does. Also if you eat these while watching pro wrestling, then you can pretend your wrestling name is Crunchmaster and feel like you fit in with the fighters on the screen.

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Glutino Gluten Free Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Yes, even gluten-free people need the sweet and salty delight that is chocolate-covered pretzels, and, boy, have we got the pretzels for you. I feel like pretzels are good for a gymnastics or figure skating game day—because you can watch people twist themselves into pretzels (metaphorically speaking, of course) while eating chocolate-covered pretzels. These Glutino pretzels are so good they were even better than a lot of the gluten-containing chocolate-covered pretzels the Sporked team tried. As senior writer Jordan Myrick put it, “Whether you’re eating these out of necessity or by choice, you will be very happy.”

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On the Border Café Style Tortilla Chips

Yes, tortilla chips! Since all On the Border Products are gluten-free, you can rest easy knowing that these absolutely fabulous tortilla chips will please any household guest, gluten intolerant or otherwise. According to Jordan and the Sporked team, these chips “are salty enough to make the chip great for eating on its own, but are also mild enough to not overpower whatever you’re dipping them into.” They also have a fresh-out-of-the-fryer canola oil flavor to them that makes them taste like they came out in a basket at a restaurant. Ya gotta get these chips.

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Casa Sanchez Salsa Verde

If you are going to have chips to go with the basketballs and the Marches that are also madness, why not have an excellent salsa to go with it as well? Similarly to On the Border, all Casa Sanchez products are gluten-free. And while I’m about to describe just how life-changing this salsa verde is, just know that their salsa roja is also gluten-free and just as amazing as the verde. But this salsa verde. Good lord, is it addicting. It is “chunky and rustic,” and Jordan pointed out that the “big pieces of garlic, springs of cilantro, and whole pepper seeds make it seem homemade. The flavor is “bright, garlicky, and tart.” MmmmMmmmMmmm. I need to go buy some of this right the heck now, and it’s not even game day!

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