Sporked Awards: Best Gluten Free Products We Tasted in 2023

I am not gluten free. But in my opinion, that makes me a great judge of gluten free products. If they can please me, a gluten lover, they can certainly please someone who can’t have gluten at all! We tried so many gluten-less products this year. It’s a blur. Two products, however, clearly stand out in my mind as the best gluten free items we tasted all year. These are those two products!

best gluten free products


Tate’s Bake Shop Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tate’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies taste pretty much exactly like the company’s regular chocolate chip cookies (aka delicious). They’re thin and crispy and super chocolatey. You cannot tell that these cookies are gluten free. What more could you want from a gluten free product?

Credit: Merc / Target




best gluten free products


Trader Joe’s Breaded Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

The gluten free girlies already know: These nuggets are divine. Not only are they great gluten free nuggets, they are the best chicken nuggets we’ve ever tasted. Period. These are so moist and juicy. The breading is flavorful and well seasoned. The chicken is so tender. This is one of the best Trader Joe’s products of all time. We are obsessed with these gluten free chicken nuggets and you will be too.

Credit: Merc




sporked awards 2023

The 2023 Sporked Awards

We ate our way through hundreds of products this year to find the best. Now it’s time to honor the best of the best.

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