Best Herbal Tea: Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Best Herbal Teas

The best herbal tea is fragrant without being overpowering. It should smell “nice.” And the best herbal tea should definitely have some sort of purported health benefits.

I love tea, but herbal tea has never been my favorite. It can be so much. Sure, herbal tea sounds nice, but it can easily assault your taste buds. I guess the best way to put it is that I’m wary of herbal tea.

I should say I was wary of herbal tea. After this taste test, I’m less wary. There are actually a lot of delicious herbal teas on the market and tasting all of them put me at ease. Are there still multiple that tasted horrible and I wouldn’t want to drink again? Yes. But did I like more types of herbal tea than I thought I would? Yes.

This list is filled with the best herbal teas on the market that hit all the comforting, medicinal, and herbaceous notes you’re looking for in a soothing hot drink. Read away! And then take a nap. You deserve relaxation.

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Best Unique

Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root

This was the most polarizing tea we tried. I liked it! Other staff members hated it. But everyone agreed it was interesting. It’s super bitter and strong, even when lightly brewed. It almost tastes like coffee. Even if you don’t fully groove with the flavor, you should stick around for the health benefits. Dandelion root is no joke. According to Mount Sinai Hospital, it can help with everything from stomach aches to liver and gallbladder function.

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Best Hibiscus

Yogi Hibiscus Rose

What typically makes people wince when they sip herbal tea is an overpowering, sour tang. That unfavorable taste is often hibiscus. And I like hibiscus! It has a wonderful flavor, but when it’s not used properly, it can become very strong. Hibiscus isn’t for everyone and I get that. If you’re interested in breaking into the world of hibiscus-flavored herbal teas or you’re a longtime lover looking to try a new brand, buy this!

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Best Fruit

Daily Beauty Blueberry Lavender Tea

If the best herbal tea for you is a fruit-based herbal tea, I recommend Daily Beauty’s Blueberry Lavender Tea. I don’t know if this actually enhances your ‘daily beauty.” That being said, it does taste very good! It has a nice, mild tea taste and is lightly fruity. With a little honey or cream, this would be a wonderful after-dinner tea to enjoy with a shortbread cookie. If you’re fancy, that is. I would drink this iced with a little simple syrup at breakfast time, and I’d pair it with a toasted everything bagel with scallion cream cheese, raw onions, cucumber, and capers. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

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Best Honey

Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile

Yes, I named this tea “Best Honey” even though the number one tea on this list also has honey in its flavor profile. The distinction is just that this tea is more honey-focused. True to traditional chamomile, this tea is very calming. And the honey, which is pleasantly earthy and herbal, is a welcome addition. It’s a little earthy and herbal. This is a really nice, mild herbal tea that would be a total crowd-pleaser. Stash this in your cabinet for yourself and guests alike!

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Best of the Best

Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Soothing Serenity Blend

I cannot believe I loved something lavender! I typically find it so overpowering, like someone lit an aromatherapy candle inside my mouth. Yogi’s Honey Lavender Stress Relief Soothing Serenity Blend is not like that at all, though. It is so sweet and mild and fragrant. The lavender is present, but not overpowering, and it’s extremely honey-forward. You do not need to add anything to this tea. Plus, it’s caffeine free and you get the sense it would lull even the most wound-up person to sleep.

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