Best Low Sodium Pasta Sauce We Tasted

The best low sodium pasta sauce is just as savory and comforting as regular ol’ pasta sauce. The caveat: There just isn’t very much low sodium pasta sauce on the market. C’mon, dudes. Where’s the low sodium alfredo sauce? How about a nice low sodium vodka sauce? In the meantime, we’re looking at a lot of low sodium marinara. In this taste test, we did our best with what was available, and what was available were red sauces. 

What were we looking for in the low sodium pasta sauces we tried in our in-office taste test? Savory flavor, first and foremost. Some of the sauces we tasted were downright sweet. Unless it’s made with butternut squash or something, pasta sauce shouldn’t be sweet. The best low sodium pasta sauces we tasted managed to be savory without being outright salty. Whether you’re on a low sodium diet or you’re casually trying to cut back on how much salt you consume, here are two low (and lower) sodium pasta sauces that are worthy of your ziti.

best lower sodium pasta sauce

Best Lower Sodium

Prego Lower Sodium Traditional (350 mg)

If I didn’t know this was lower sodium pasta sauce, I wouldn’t have guessed it was. Granted, that’s probably because this is a lower sodium pasta sauce rather than a low sodium pasta sauce. For context, Prego Traditional has 470 mg of sodium per serving and Prego Lower Sodium Traditional has 350 mg of sodium per serving. That’s a decent reduction (25%), but not enough to make this a “low sodium” food. It’s savory and just a touch sweet. You can taste basil. You can taste tomato. It’s nice, it’s bright, and it has less salt than what you’re currently eating, so we’ll take that as a win. 

Credit: Merc / Walmart




best low sodium pasta sauce

Best of the Best

The Silver Palate Low Sodium Marinara (140 mg)

If you can find Silver Palate Low Sodium Marinara at your grocery store, this is the low sodium pasta sauce you should be buying. It’s noticeably lower sodium—in fact, it’s actually low sodium at 140 mg per serving. It makes up for being lower salt in a lot of ways. It’s flavorful without being overly sweet. It’s unctuous without being oily. You can see and taste basil and garlic in the sauce. This is one of those diet-friendly products that I think pretty much anyone would be happy to eat. Nice one, Silver Palate. 

Credit: Merc / Vons




Other products we tried: Kroger Lower Sodium Pasta Sauce, Francesco Rinaldi No Salt Added

Do you have a favorite low sodium pasta sauce? Let us know in the comments!

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  • O’Mama marinara sauce is very low sodium. But it uses potassium chloride, and I have been told that is not much better for you than sodium. I would love more information.

    • Potassium Chloride is only an issue for those with kidney disease or weak kidneys. Potassium is like the inverse of sodium, in that it helps to lower blood pressure and helps with cardiovascular health. It’s also one of those minerals we are usually deficient in, since we need about a recommended 4,700mg a day. Definitely consult a doctor first or a cardiologist but as long as kidney’s aren’t issue then, yeah Potassium chloride is a great switch to sodium. I personally have been using both a “lite” salt (50/50 sodium/potassium) and a 100% potassium salt for a while now, and it really does help and i’ve lowered my BP about 5-7 points on average. Dr. Berg and Talking with Docs on youtube have some very good videos about the connection between potassium and cardiovascular health.

  • Silver Palate LowSodium Pasta sauce is the absolute best. Bought it for years and then they disappeared, last Fall. Even CR rated it the best. Hope they start making it again.

    • My Vons market doesn’t carry it any more and the prego low sodium sauce isn’t nearly as good.