It’s Peach Season, but These Peach-Flavored Snacks Are Good All Year Long

Peach is a glorious and yet somehow undersung flavor in the snack food industry. It’s perhaps the most iconic tea flavor, but we don’t really celebrate it much outside of that. We should! Peach flavor is versatile—it plays well with earthy flavors, desserts, and even spices like chile powder. Peaches are slightly sweet and acidic, yet fragrant, and when you distill their flavor into an extract, you don’t lose much. Peach-flavored things usually taste like peaches.

It’s peach season, and if you feel like reaching for some peach-flavored products to add to the fresh peaches already in your basket, we here at Sporked have got you covered. Here are some excellent peach-flavored snacks to get you through the rest of summer.

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Joe Tea Peach Tea

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I absolutely love Joe’s peach tea. I wanted to get it for our iced tea tasting, but it’s a little too regional and quite expensive to source online. I tried it recently during a trip back to Pennsylvania, and I fell in love. It’s so aromatically peachy, with an earthy, natural tea flavor that is absolutely wonderful. The peach flavor is prominent and nice, and Joe’s advertises natural peach flavor (I’m guessing it’s peach extract). It’s got a ton of sugar, but hey, we love sugar.

Great Value Peach Rings

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I just inhaled a bag of these from Walmart, and they’re so damn good. Nothing about these things is natural or seasonal, but I don’t much care. Peach rings have a delightful, confection-like texture that’s almost like cake. They’re gummies, but they’re also fluffy. And the crystals of sugar cling to each ring like a cookie that’s been dusted with powdered sugar. Peach rings rule.

Lesser Evil Organic Peach Mango Popcorn

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I couldn’t stop munching on this popcorn, and I’m fascinated by how well the flavors work in unison. Not only is the peach and mango flavor delightfully fruity and sweet, but the popcorn itself is fried in coconut oil which adds an extra layer of sweetness. Most impressive to me is that this popcorn features no sodium. I repeat: There’s no salt. I don’t know how they managed to make such good popcorn without any salt, but they did. I never in a million years thought that peach and mango popcorn would be good, but this proves that I’m an idiot.

Tillamook Peaches & Cream Ice Cream

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Tillamook just makes good freaking ice cream. It lists peaches and peach concentrate in the ingredients, and the peaches are chunky and sweet, with almost a canned peach vibe. When you get a big chunk of peach, it’s a delightfully fruity ice cream. The flavor doesn’t seem to permeate every bite of the ice cream, but it’s still excellent.

The Greek Gods Yogurt Peach with Honey

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Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart tried this during our flavored Greek yogurt taste test and absolutely fell in love with it. “It’s so creamy and the flavor of the honey meshes so nicely with the juicy peach flavor,” she said. The tangy, fruity, and sweet peach flavor complements the thick and full-bodied yogurt, and the honey tames the tartness of the peach flavor quite nicely. We love this brand.

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