Best Soy Milk: The 5 Best Soy Milks Are Ab-soy-lutely Delicious

Soy milk is my milk alternative of choice. Controversial, I know. Whether you like it or not, it outshines other fake milks in so many areas and never gets credit for it. It’s better for the environment than almond milk, has more protein than oat milk, and is cheaper than cashew milk. Don’t believe me? Ask The Guardian!

Not all soy milks are created equal, though. Some are luxuriously rich and creamy and make the perfect addition to coffee. Others taste like pureed tofu mixed with tap water. But when soy milk is good, it’s really good. I know it’s not as trendy as other milks on the market, but I think you’ll be a convert after checking out the five best we tried during our recent in-office taste test. The whole Sporked squad (minus Naajia because she has a soy allergy) guzzled down all the soy-based milk we could get Instacarted to the office to figure out what was the perfect dairy milk substitute and what was ab-soy-lutely a waste of money.

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Best of the Best

O Organics Original Unsweetened Soymilk

O Organics Original Unsweetened Soymilk really spoke to us. It has a thick, creamy taste and texture, while still maintaining a pleasant lightness. Unlike some of the soy milks we tried, this one didn’t have a bean-y flavor. Since it’s neutral, you can use it for both sweet and savory purposes. That’s a huge selling point for me, because it makes me feel like I’m getting more bang for my soy milk buck.

Credit: Merc / Vons




Best Vanilla

Simply Nature Vanilla Soymilk

Vanilla-flavored products often taste more like artificial vanilla extract than true vanilla. I love Simply Nature Vanilla Soymilk because it tastes like actual vanilla. It’s genuine, organic flavor is just so pleasant. You could drink this on its own, but it would also be delicious in a smoothie or in coffee. It would be great with an Oreo dipped into it or filling a bowl of cereal. TLDR: This vanilla soy milk is perfect.

Credit: Merc / Instacart




Best Creamy

Pacific Foods Ultra Soy Original Beverage

Pacific Foods Ultra Soy milk is for people who really like soy milk. It’s a little bean-y, but in a way that I personally enjoy. It tastes ever so slightly of soy, so this is definitely for people who aren’t bothered by that. My favorite thing about it is the creaminess. It’s one of the thickest soy milks we had all day. If you’re looking for a vegan drink to replace your beloved full-fat milk, this is the one!

Credit: Merc / Instacart




Best Sweetened

Silk Original Soy Milk

Silk Original Soy Milk is a classic. It’s the blueprint. It was the first soy milk most of us ever tried. It’s lightly sweet, so it wouldn’t necessarily work as a replacement for milk in savory dishes, but it’s perfect for baking or just drinking straight up. It’s luscious and creamy and just might make you turn your back on other milk alternatives. An added bonus is that Silk is available almost everywhere. You don’t have to hunt for it. Accessibility always makes me like a product more.

Credit: Merc / Walmart




Best Light

Forager Project Unsweetened Soymilk

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t loved all of the Forager Project products we’ve tried here at Sporked. To me, they often taste extremely vegan, if you know what I mean. This soymilk, on the other hand, is delicious! Sporked staff writer Danny Palumbo described it as “refreshing.” It’s not as thick as some of the others on our list, which makes it ideal for fans of 2% and fat-free cow’s milk looking to try a protein-rich, plant-based alternative.

Credit: Merc / Amazon




Other Products We Tried:
WestSoy Unsweetened Plain Soymilk, Simple Truth Soymilk, Kirkland Organic Soy Milk, Soy Dream, Edensoy, 365 Soy Milk, Kikkoman Creamy Vanilla Soymilk, TraderJoe’s Soy Milk

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