Twizzler Products That Are Better Than Original Twizzlers

I don’t like Twizzlers. I see why they’re often pitted against Red Vines, but as Gwynedd Stuart astutely pointed out, the two products are nothing alike. Still, I understand why they get compared. Same shape and the same aesthetic. To me, Red Vines have a delightfully chewy texture, agreeable flavor, and a hole in the middle that provides some nuance, whereas Twizzlers are a plastic disaster. The texture is plastic, the taste is plastic—it’s just all plastic. If anything, Red Vines serve as a reminder of what Twizzlers should be. I really do think they’re the blandest snack out there, and this is coming from a guy who likes Necco Wafers.

That said, I love Twizzlers products. Go figure, but I think the brand experimentations and deviations from original Twizzlers (which are, again, barely food and inspire minimal enjoyment) far outshine the original Twizzlers. I’ve never been much for paying homage to the classics, especially in the snack world. It’s 2022. There are better flavors of Skittles than regular Skittles, better Cheetos than Crunchy Cheese, and better Twizzlers than original Twizzlers. Society, and snacks, keep evolving. So here’s a loving listicle about all the Twizzlers products that I think are better than actual Twizzlers.

Twizzlers Pull ‘N’ Peel
twizzlers pull n peel
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Target

There’s a special heart in my place for these guys, as they were one of my Mom’s favorite snacks when I was growing up. The texture is such an upgrade from original Twizzlers; the soft chewiness rivals the best gummy candies, and the added enjoyment of getting to pull apart and savor little ropes of chewy Twizzler like string cheese is a lot of fun. Pull ‘N’ Peels come in multiple flavors, too. I really think this is the absolute best Twizzlers product, and it’s not even close. There’s just so much to enjoy here.

Twizzlers Orange Cream Pop Filled Twists
twizzlers orange pop
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Amazon

The problem I have with Twizzlers is the singular, unexciting, boring texture and taste. Twizzlers Filled Twists solve that problem with some sugary goo in the middle, and the Twizzlers Creamsicle Filled Twists fill that gap with a bit of creamy, fragrantly orange flavor. I loved orange creamsicles growing up, so the nostalgia factor here is strong. Twizzlers, at best, just need a little nudge flavor-wise, and the filled twists provide that extra oomph. 

Twizzlers Filled Bites
twizzlers filled bites
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Amazon

Filled is the way to go for Twizzlers, and these little bite-size guys are highly snackable. The strawberry flavor becomes more pronounced with a fruit flavored filling, and it helps solve what I perceive to be the problem with original Twizzlers in the first place: a lack of texture. Wax is the enemy of flavor, and the fruit filling disrupts that unpleasantness. Seriously, I don’t understand why you’d go for an original Twizzler when they’re just making things that have more flavor.

Twizzlers Sweet & Sour Filled Twists
twizzlers sweet and sour
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Amazon

Twizzlers with a cherry kick and a citrus punch. Does that sound better than a bland, faintly strawberry, twisty rope of plastic? It should. The sour does a lot of heavy lifting here, and it’s really nice. I believe that the texture of Twizzlers demands bold flavor, and the sweet and sour brings it. 

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