CinnaFuego Toast Crunch: Is the World Ready for Spicy Cereal?

CinnaFuego Toast Crunch is Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s evil twin. I mean, new product. It’s like the Cinnamon Toast Crunch you know and love, but spicy!

If you’re a big fan of spicy cinnamon-flavored things, this might be for you! Is this an improvement on regular Cinnamon Toast Crunch or is this an update that failed to improve upon a flawless classic?

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New Product!

CinnaFuego Toast Crunch

CinnaFuego Toast Crunch is very strange to me. It tastes like cereal coated in Hot Tamale dust. It comes in a bag like chips, but eating it like chips feels wrong because it’s cereal.

That being said, I can’t imagine you’d want to eat these out of a bowl with milk. Cold, spicy, cinnamony milk just doesn’t sound appealing. And in the morning? You would not be able to leave your house after having a bowl of this for breakfast. This tastes bad—and it’s a bad concept.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Cinnamon Toast Crunch




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