Coffee Mate’s New Creamer Can Make Your Coffee Taste Like Fresh Baked Cookies

Personally, I have the same taste in coffee as most children. I like it sickly sweet, mostly milk, and someone else paying for it. However, recently I have been needing coffee more and more to get through adult-world working hours, and I’ve been looking for ways to make it at home that make it taste like a morning dessert. Enter Coffee Mate’s new limited-edition collab: Nestlé Toll House Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie creamer.

Did they read my mind, swoop in, and save the day? Can I make drinkable coffee at home now? Can I marry a coffee creamer? Is that legal? I have to say, I haven’t tried this flavor of coffee creamer, nor do I have a coffee maker. But I am considering getting a bottle of cold brew and a bottle of this cookie-flavored creamer to find out if it’s everything I’m hoping it will be.

Tragically, the product isn’t being released until August (I know, how could they drop this news and not drop the flavor IMMEDIATELY?! Rude). But according to the Instagram account @candyhunting, Nestle sent them a press release that describes the flavor as having “notes of semi-sweet chocolate and buttery, caramelized brown sugar.” Have I mentioned that I want this in my life right the heck now?

Sometimes cookie-flavored things can be cloyingly sweet or have too much fake brown sugar/caramel flavor. But I have hope for this one. I mean they brought in Nestlé Toll House for cryin’ out loud. If Nestle doesn’t know what they’re doing with regard to cookie flavor, then no one does. As far as I can tell, the only downside to this new product is that it’s limited-edition. So make sure to get it while you can, and live out your cookie coffee dreams. At least, that’s what plan to do.

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