Coffee Mate Is Bringing Something Plant-Based to Your Morning Coffee

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a plant-based Coffee Mate creamer! Does this article have anything to do with Superman? Nope! I’m just super excited about Coffee Mate getting into the plant-based creamer game. Two brand new flavors of almond and oat milk-based creamers, French Vanilla and Caramel, will be hitting store shelves in January 2023. So if you’re vegan, or simply looking to live a more plant-based life, your coffee creamer options are about to grow.

So why is Coffee Mate producing a plant-based creamer? And why now?

Apparently, plant-based products are experiencing a bit of a boom, as more people become aware of the health and environmental benefits of a vegan, plant-based diet (consumption of plant-based food products reportedly rose a whopping 300% in 2018). And coffee drinkers are no exception, as plant-based coffee creamers now account for 15% of the market, according to Mashed. In response to the rising trend, Coffee Mate has decided to launch its first line of plant-based creamers in two of its most popular flavors. 

This is not technically Coffee Mate’s first time dipping their toes in the plant-based creamer market. Coffee Mate’s parent company, Nestlé, has been offering dairy-free creamers since 2017 under their Natural Bliss line. However, these are the first plant-based creamers sold under the name Coffee Mate.

Coffee Mate consistently delivers high-quality creamer, and their Vanilla Bean and Café Mocha creamers were highly rated by the Sporked staff in our creamer tasting. So we have high hopes for these new almond and oat milk options. Who knows, maybe they will even turn out to be the (plant-based) cream(er) of the crop!

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