Like It or Not, Peach Cobbler Dessert Hummus Has Arrived at Aldi

Dessert hummus (aka sad Nutella, aka cookie dough’s awkward stepsister) is a weird concept, no matter how you slice it (spread it?). At one point in my life I was in a room full of Oxford professors (the “why” isn’t important) and I brought up chocolate hummus and they just stared at me as if I had said something crazy like, “Don’t you think having a monarchy (even a fake one) in 2022 is a bit gauche?”

Their reaction wasn’t unwarranted. The whole concept of dessert hummus is a bit strange, but Aldi is leaning in to it hard this year with two summery new flavors of dessert hummus: Peach Cobbler and Mixed Berry Cobbler. According to the packaging, the Peach Cobbler is “a sweet and fruity dessert hummus with flavors of summer peaches and a cobbler flavored topping in the center.” While the Mixed Berry Cobbler is described as “reminiscent of flavors from the berry patch with a cobbler flavored topping in the center.” 

Honestly, really and truly? These both kind of sound awesome to me. I feel like I should hate this. I feel like I should be mad that this product even exists. This isn’t hummus; this is heresy! But then again, it’s a heresy that I would like to try as a spread on an apple slice or plopped in a bowl of oatmeal. Do I have a problem? Maybe. Does that make me want to try this stuff any less? Unfortunately, no.

Dessert hummus has kind of an interesting and rocky backstory. Apparently, people started searching for “dessert hummus” on Google as early as 2005, and it was introduced to the market in 2009. But it didn’t become mainstream until its appearance (and success) on Shark Tank in 2017, where it was pitched as a “guilt-free” sweet snack. This led to an almost immediate backlash from haters. To this day, people have a lot of mixed feelings about the stuff.

But whether or not we agree that dessert hummus should have been invented (or called hummus), it’s here, it’s called what it’s called, and now it’s on us to try it and pass judgment for ourselves. If you try this stuff from Aldi, let me know what you think! Does it taste like a delicious amalgamation of fruit and spices? Or like a bunch of beans with fruit thrown in?

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