It’s Not Delivery, It’s…DiGiorno Breakfast Pizza?

Back in 2020, right as the pandemic was starting, DiGiorno decided to bestow upon our freezers the blessed invention of their croissant crust frozen pizzas. At the time, they offered three flavors: four cheese, three meat, and pepperoni (though to complete the pattern, it really should’ve been called “two pepperoni.” Just sayin’.)  

People loved these pizzas, and noted that whether or not the crust actually had the texture of a croissant, it was flakey and light in its own way, and was an overall fantastic addition to the DiGiorno pizzafolio. People magazine even ran an article featuring these croissantified creations back in 2020, ending with a plea for DiGiorno to come out with “a breakfast-style croissant crust pizza next.”

Well, People, it took two years but your dreams are finally a reality. Just this month, DiGiorno announced the addition of three new breakfast-themed options to its Croissant Crust Pizza line: Cinnamon Roll, Eggs Benedict Inspired, and Sausage and Gravy. The Cinnamon Roll pizza comes topped with a cinnamon cream sauce base, cream cheese crumbles, churro pieces, and cinnamon flakes. The Eggs Benedict Inspired one comes with hollandaise-style sauce, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, scrambled eggs, and diced ham. And, lastly, the Sausage and Gravy one comes with a sausage-and-gravy-style sauce and cheddar and mozzarella cheese. 

After this amazing innovation, what’s next for DiGiorno? Stuffed crust croissant pizzas? Dessert croissant pizzas? Pizza au Chocolat? Chocolate Croissant crust pizza with a marshmallow and graham topping? A PB&J croissant pizza creation? Croisszone (croissant pizza folded in half)? Honestly, I’m just trying to write this stuff into existence. If it worked for People magazine, it could work for us too!

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