Frozen Dolly Parton Mac and Cheese Is Coming to Take Your Man

🎶Mac n’ cheese, mac n cheese, mac n’ cheese, mac n’ cheeeeeeese, Dolly’s making one and I’ll buy it soon as IIIII can. It’s coming soon to grocery stores, so just read on to know some more oh nothing can compete with you, mac and cheese. She’s already sold us cakes and things like muffins, cookies, and frostings but she’s diversifyin’ with mac n’ cheese. Dolly, Dolly, Dolly Dolllllyyyyyyy, I’m beggin’ of you tell me where I can get this mac and cheese. 🎶


So you’re probably wondering how I got here.  Here’s the sitch: Dolly Parton, “Jolene” singer, icon, activist, cake-mix-brand-having person, and vocal supporter of all things mac and cheesy, is coming out with a frozen Dolly Parton mac and cheese offering.

Will Dolly Parton mac and cheese be good? Will it have that classic Parton pizzazz? Will apples be involved (I’ll explain in a sec)?

We don’t know the answer to a lot of these questions, but here’s what we do know since that is a whole lot more helpful to you, the people. According to a picture of the packaging, which was released by Conagra and shared by food news dude @markie_devo on Instagram, it will be called “Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese,” and the description says it is “pasta in a creamy cheese sauce made with cheddar cheese.” But I have more questions. Dolly is notorious for making her own mac and cheese at home with lots of butter, shredded cheddar, Velveeta, and sometimes even more kinds of cheese. She also, most notably, likes her mac and cheese with fried apples, and boy do I want to try that, like, yesterday. At that point, it’s like charcuterie meets state fair meets good ol’ southern cooking, and I am HERE for it. So. Will this store bought version from Miss Dolly Parton herself come with fried apples? It seems like the answer is no based on this packaging but who knows? Maybe this is just one of many Dolly Parton mac and cheeses we are going to get. Perhaps someday a fried apple mac and cheese will make its way into our hearts (and carts). And it doesn’t stop there. It looks like we’ll be getting a couple thaw-and-serve pies from Dolly as well. I have high hopes for all of these new Dolly products—the Sporked team taste-tested her Duncan Hines Collab cake mixes and frostings and they were absolutely fantastic, so let’s just say there is a good chance this new mac and cheese takes my (hypothetical) man.

Only one question remains: When will all of this become available to the general public? We unfortunately don’t have that information yet, but we are hoping to see these in stores later this year.

🎶 And when it comes out I’ll get in line, ‘cause she’s branched out from Duncan Hines and I really want to try this stuff, Dolly 🎶

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