Duke’s Mayo Finally Has a Mascot and It’s a Little Unhinged

There’s nothing quite like a well-known organization or brand introducing a mascot so utterly terrifying that the sight of it keeps you awake at night. Back in 2018, the Philadelphia Flyers adopted a new mascot named Gritty (aka nightmare incarnate); McDonald’s has Grimace, a spooky purple poop emoji who has been in their lineup of “fun” characters since 1971; and now, the bizarre and somewhat unsettling Duke’s Mayo mascot has joined the chaos. 

That’s right, for the first time since they were founded 105 years ago, Duke’s Mayo has a mascot. His name is Tubby. And even the company has acknowledged that he’s “a little unhinged.”

Who is Tubby? What does he want in life? Why does he get to be the Duke’s Mayo mascot and not me?

Tubby, as it turns out, is a tub of Duke’s Mayo with the brows of Eugene Levy, the eyes of Pennywise, and the energy of a person who stayed up all night and then pounded so many Monster energy drinks that the floor became a conveyor belt. Duke’s Brand Manager of Mayohem (yes that is her real title, I love this company) described the new Duke’s Mayo Mascot as “passionate, curious, and a little unhinged.” Me too, Tubby. Me too. 

Tubby really is a mascot of the people and for the people. His name was even chosen by Duke’s followers on Twitter when the mascot himself tweeted, “HEY TWEETER, I NEED A NAME. NOT LIKE A TWEETER NAME, LIKE A NAME NAME. LIKE THE KIND YOU PUT ON NAME TAGS. WHAT SHOULD IT BE????” So that’s who Tubby is, and…he’s kind of a vibe? 

As far as what Tubby wants in life, it looks like he wants…a date with Wendy, as in the (much less creepy) mascot of Wendy’s. Tubby shot his shot, tweeting, “HEYYYY WENDY. U FREE FRYDAY?” He then followed up with, “TELL WENDY 2 CALL. THIS JAR SINGLE.” The all-caps is a bit much, but hey, maybe Wendy is into that. 

The Brand Manager of Mayohem revealed that Tubby made his first public appearance on September 3 at the Duke’s Mayo Classic in Charlotte, which is a football game that Duke’s sponsors. Neat! Go check out any of Duke’s social platforms for more Tubby content, if you want to be scared out of your gosh darned mind. I should warn you that, much like a car crash, once you see Tubby, it’s very hard to look away. Anyhoo, SLEEP TIGHT!

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