A ‘Tingly’ New Sichuan Salt Collab Can Make You Numb (In a Fun Way)

If you have never tried food from the Sichuan Province of China, you are missing out. It is famously flavorful and known to be intensely spicy and numbing. Yes, Sichuan peppercorns can make your mouth feel tingly and numb, a unique experience that I think everyone (even those terrified of spice) should try at least once. It’s like going to the dentist but only the fun parts (laughing gas, numbing gel, that post-dentist giddiness).

I was first introduced to Sichuan peppercorns at restaurants in L.A., including Killer Noodle and Sichuan Impression. And now we can all try this legendary numbing spice from the comfort of our own homes thanks to a new product called Tingly Sichuan Salt, which is a collaboration between Jacobsen Salt Co. and Fly By Jing, a Sichuan spice mix, chili oil, and sauce company that has been cranking out delicious products since 2018. It was founded by Jing Gao, who describes her products as “made in Sichuan Province, but living in America, like me.”

Tingly Sichuan Salt consists of Jacobsen’s sea salt mixed with Fly By Jing’s “excruciatingly handpicked Sichuan Tribute Peppers.” I don’t know what “excruciatingly handpicked” means but it sounds pretty badass. If someone went through any amount of pain to create a product, I feel like the least we can do is try it. The website says you can “sprinkle this magic as a finishing touch, use it as a dry rub, or add it to your midday snack and let the electric Sichuan tingle light up each bite.” Imagine this stuff on popcorn? Hoooooooo boy, yum! I’m also thinking this zingy salt would make an electrifying marg rim. 

The product is being released for a “super limited run,” so if you want to try it, don’t wait around. You can find it on the Fly by Jing website for $15 a jar (which is cheaper than the copay for a dentist visit). Looks like I may just have to springly for some of this tingly salt before it sells out.

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