The Newest Supply Chain-Related Shortage? Frozen Pizza

Supply chain shortages have hit food manufacturing giant, General Mills. And before you ask, it’s okay, our cereals are safe. It has mainly affected the company’s Pillsbury ready-made pizza dough and their iconic Totino’s Pizza Rolls (as well as their other hot snacks, frozen pizzas, and refrigerated dough products).

Unfortunately, frozen pizza is not the only victim of supply chain issues, it’s just the latest. Remember when Philadelphia Cream Cheese was literally paying people to use cream cheese alternatives last holiday season? That would be like paying your friend to hang out with other people while you are on vacation just to ensure that they’ll still be your friend when you get back. Unnecessary, extra, but what a hilarious and effective thing to do…not that I’ve tried. 

For the moment, General Mills isn’t planning to send us money to buy other frozen pizzas (not everyone can be as iconic as Philadelphia Cream Cheese) but there is an end in sight. General Mills has said that they are going to try to get their inventory level back up to where it has historically been by 2023. However, that’s a long time to wait if you are a fan of their much-loved pizza rolls. 

Good thing the team here at Sporked has hooked you up with a definitive list of the best frozen pizza brands to scratch your store-bought pizza itch. Or, you know… you could learn to make pizza dough and pizza rolls yourself! If you need motivation, just imagine that Mr. Totino himself is paying you to do it. Either way, let us know how it goes!

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