Boo! Ghost Energy Drink Enters the Cereal Aisle

You guys. I learned something new today. In fact, I learned multiple new somethings. I learned that Ghost is a lifestyle brand, not just the energy drink arm of Sour Patch Kids. I learned that a lifestyle brand is an actual thing and not just whatever the Kardashians do. And, most importantly of all, I learned that Ghost not only sells energy drinks, the brand also sells workout clothes, protein powder, pre-workout, supplements, those shaker things that gym people use, and now, cereal? It’s almost like they sell all the things you would need to live a certain kind of lifestyle…oh yeah, it’s all coming together. But the main story today is that Ghost cereal exists. In fact, Ghost has partnered with General Mills on two new “protein cereals,” and we have deets.

Wait, is Ghost cereal caffeinated like an energy drink? If I eat it, will I get gains and swole and yoked?

First thing’s first, this is not an energy drink cereal. It will not give you “wiiings,” so to speak. It will, however, get you “those macros,” as the gym bros say. The Peanut Butter flavor contains a whopping 18g of protein per serving and the Marshmallow flavor has 17g of protein per serving. That’s like a whole protein bar’s worth! (For comparison’s sake, a bowl of Cheerios has about 5g of protein.) Both cereals also purport to be good sources of calcium. Not only that, but while the Peanut Butter flavored Ghost cereal only contains cereal puffs, the Marshmallow flavor has puffs along with REAL ACTUAL LUCKY CHARMS MARSHMALLOWS!!! This is not a drill. You can, as an adult, now justify buying a cereal that has the same marshmallows in it as Lucky Charms because this cereal is also packed with protein. Now, will these taste good or have that powdery protein flavor? That remains to be seen, although reviewers online (like Instagram account @dadbodsnacks) have already noted that the puffs are exceedingly light and airy but still quite filling, and that the flavor is about what you’d expect. Ghost apparently recommends you also put protein powder in the milk for an even more protein-dense breakfast, which seems like overkill to me, but, hey, some people want those gains on gains on gains.

As for how you can get your hands on some Ghost cereal, it was available via Ghost’s website beginning April 10, but it’s currently sold out; you can enter your email address to be notified when it’s back in stock on the site. BUT if you missed it online, never fear—it will reportedly start rolling out to grocery stores nationwide later this month. So if getting yoked and loving cereal are your biggest personality traits, maybe it’s time you adopted the Ghost lifestyle for yourself!

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