Can You Boolieve We Tasted the Ghost Protein Cereals?

Yes, you read that headline right. Ghost, the fitness lifestyle brand that brought you Sour Patch Kids energy drinks, Sonic drive-in hydration powder sticks, and Chips Ahoy! protein powder, has collaborated with cereal giant General Mills to bring us two new cereals: Ghost Protein Cereal with Marshmallows and Ghost PB Protein Cereal. Do they sound enticing? Absofrootley. But are they any good? Well, we taste tested both of them, so you are about to find out whether you should buy these immediately or give up the Ghost (cereal).

ghost protein cereal review

New Product!

Ghost Protein Cereal with Marshmallows

First impression: This Ghost cereal smells like Golden Oreos—and it kind of tastes like them, too. It is a lovely, sugary, vanilla-y aroma and flavor. I tried this cereal both dry and with oat milk, and decided not to go with “milk plus even more protein powder” like the packaging said I could, as the cereal itself already has 17g of protein per serving. Any more protein than that in one sitting and I’d be giving that one protein shake guy on TikTok a run for his money.

Pros: I mean, I already said it—this cereal is a delight. It tastes like a dessert. The puffs are lighter and airier than Kix or Cocoa Puffs and flavor is fantastic. The cereal morsels are very, very sweet, but they do have some salt for balance. Flavor wise, they kind of remind me of Rice Krispies Treats. That flavor would be good enough on its own, but it’s worth mentioning that there are Lucky Charms marshmallows mixed in there as well (just being divine per usual). In my opinion, this cereal tastes best with milk because it cuts the sweetness and adds some texture and temperature variation. It got soggy after about ten minutes, but if you are a crunchy-cereal-only person, just finish your cereal in a timely manner and you’ll be fine.

Cons: If you don’t like very sweet cereal, you may not like this Ghost protein cereal. But also, if you don’t like very sweet cereal, you probably wouldn’t buy a cereal with marshmallows in the first place, right? Also, the puffs themselves are a bit less crunchy than other cereal puffs and have more of a packing peanut consistency (don’t eat packing peanuts, kids), but I didn’t mind that.




ghost pb cereal review

New Product!

Ghost PB Protein Cereal

Immediately, this contents of this box smell like the honey-roasted peanuts they used to give out on Southwest Airlines flights. And unlike the marshmallow cereal, this Ghost cereal appears to have some sort of powdery coating on it (the peanut butter). I tried this cereal its own and with milk, and didn’t add in the recommended extra whey. Why? So that when people ask if I did try it that way I can say, “No Whey!” Also, this one has a whopping 18g of protein per serving, so after taste testing the two of these Ghost protein cereals, I was all good on protein for the next couple days.

Pros: This cereal is less sweet and significantly saltier than the marshmallow version. And it really does taste almost exactly like those honey-roasted peanuts from Southwest. These PB puffs have that same sort of airy, packing peanut-esque texture as the marshmallow cereal, but oh my god, with milk these things come ALIVE! They are so peanuty, so salty, and so roasty-toasty for a breakfast cereal. Plus, as an added bonus, this cereal stays unsoggy for even longer than the marshmallow cereal—the peanutty coating must act as a barrier.

Cons: These puffs are very light and airy, but they’re a bit less crispy-crunchy than even their marshmallow counterparts. I did miss that crunch in a cereal. This flavor also had a little bit of an aftertaste that reminded me of a peanut butter Builder’s Bar or other PB protein bar. It’s super subtle though, and if you’re used to protein products, you may not even notice it. I myself am not particularly yoked, so the aftertaste definitely struck me as protein-related.




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