Bye, Girl Scout Cookies! Hello, Thin Mints Pretzels

Still have a hankering for Girl Scout products even though Girl Scout cookie season is over? Good news! The Girl Scouts of America have introduced new Thin Mints Pretzels that are “crunchy pretzels double dipped in mint flavored 100% real dark chocolate.” As a Girl Scout cookie enthusiast, I gave them a try.

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Girl Scout Thin Mints Pretzels

I am truly shocked by the reaction I had to these mint-flavored chocolate-covered pretzels. I love chocolate-covered pretzels. I love the combo of mint and chocolate. I love salty and sweet. There’s absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t like these. Sadly, I didn’t. What I love about Thin Mints is that they have the perfect balance of chocolate and mint. These pretzels simply do not capture that. They taste like pretzels dipped in toothpaste. After my initial taste, I ate a few more, thinking maybe they’d grow on me, and I had other members of the Sporked team sample them—the answer was still the same. As much as I hate to admit it, these are not good.

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  • Honestly, I think the Thin Mint Pretzels are better than the over-priced cookies! We polished-off a bog of them over the week-end and now I’m ordering more,