Jell-O Pudding That Tastes Like Girl Scout Cookies? It’s Good—Scout’s Honor

If you’ve already run out of the Girl Scout cookies you stocked up on back in March, you’ve probably been preparing yourself for a grueling nine months without Thin Mints or Samoas in the pantry. Luckily, Jell-O has taken mercy on your cookie-loving soul. Everyone’s favorite purveyor of jiggly foods just released two new pudding snacks for Girl Scout cookie lovers: Jell-O Girl Scouts Coconut Caramel Pudding and Jell-O Girl Scouts Thin Mints Pudding. And these aren’t just flavored to taste like Girl Scout cookies—they actually come with a cup of Girl Scout cookie crumbs. Do these get a merit badge for satisfying your craving for Girl Scout cookies? We tasted them to find out.

jell-o coconut caramel pudding

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Jell-O Girl Scouts Coconut Caramel Pudding

What we have here is caramel pudding with a topping of crushed-up Samoas (or Caramel deLites, depending on where you live). If you love coconut, caramel, and chocolate, I can’t imagine you won’t love this. 

Pros: This Jell-O pudding-Girl Scout cookie mashup is incredible. The pudding is creamy and luscious and it tastes like warm, yummy cooked sugar. If you like butterscotch pudding (an elite pudding flavor, in my opinion), caramel pudding is going to be right up your alley. The Samoa crumbs have a caramel-y chew, and they contribute a surprising amount of chocolate and coconut flavor. This is an outrageously tasty snack. When I was writing this review, I ate the whole thing without even really thinking about it. 

Cons: My only criticism is that the cookie crumbs are pretty soft and chewy, but, honestly, Samosas aren’t cookies with a big crunch factor, so it works.




jell-o girl scouts thin mint pudding

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Jell-O Girl Scouts Thin Mints Pudding

This is a simple, delicious snack: It’s chocolate pudding with a topping of Thin Mints crumbs, and it’s about to quash your Thin Mints craving. 

Pros: The pudding is rich and chocolatey, the Thin Mints crumbs are extremely crispy and minty, and the chocolate coating on the cookies adds another layer of texture—this is a textural triple threat, and it’s very fun to eat. 

Cons: My colleague Jordan Myrick is a hardcore Thin Mints lover and really flipped for this, but they also agreed with me that the Coconut Caramel pudding snack is more successful overall. My problem with this one is that the Jell-O pudding itself is so delicious, but it’s totally overpowered by the Thin Mints crumbs. The mint flavor is strong—it’s a little bitter on the finish and really lingers on your palate long after you’re done eating. But if you’re a freak for a certain chocolate-mint cookie, you’ll love this.




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