We Now Live in a World Where Gluten-Free Hawaiian Rolls Exist

There’s nothing quite like Hawaiian sweet bread rolls. These fluffy clouds of beautifully airy, lightly sweet bread go well with anything from peanut butter to pulled pork to a second Hawaiian roll stuffed in your mouth at the same time. Point is, they’re BOMB. But these delicious rolls are sadly off limits to the gluten-intolerant—until now!

That’s right. Last week, a gluten-free baked goods company called Canyon Bakehouse released Gluten-Free Hawaiian Rolls for our gluten-free enjoyment. Celiacs rejoice!

So, what exactly are Hawaiian rolls? And will Gluten-Free Hawaiian Rolls live up to the golden standard set by their glutenous cousins? 

When we think of Hawaiian rolls, we think of those pillowy sweet bread rolls in bright orange packaging from Hawaii-based company King’s Hawaiian. These bread rolls are a version of Portuguese sweet bread, a fluffy dinner roll (sometimes sweetened with pineapple juice) that was brought to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants in the 1800s and has been popular on the island ever since.

Canyon Bakehouse released a gluten-free Hawaiian sweet bread back in 2018, and then earlier this year, they released gluten-free brioche-style rolls. If people liked both those products, which they seemingly did, that bodes well for their newest carbo-creation. While I haven’t tried these new rolls yet, they certainly sound delicious. The company describes them as “slightly sweet with a soft, pillowy texture,” which sounds about right for a Hawaiian sweet roll, so I have high hopes.

These new Gluten-Free Hawaiian Rolls are now available in grocery stores all across the U.S. In addition to being gluten-free, these puppies are made with whole grains and are also dairy, nuts, sesame, and soy-free, so basically they were made with dietary restrictions in mind. We finally live in a world where being gluten-free doesn’t have to mean Hawaiian roll-free, and that’s a world I am very happy to be living in. Thanks, Canyon Ridge!

One final question: If I put two of these rolls together, can I call them “glutenous minimus,” because they would look like a tiny butt and contain no gluten?

Great question, and yes.

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Jessica Block

Jessica Block is a freelance contributor to Sporked, a comedian, a baker, a food writer, and a firm believer that Trader Joe's may just be the happiest place on earth. She loves spicy snacks, Oreos, baking bread, teeny tiny avocados, and trying new foods whenever she can. Also, if you give her a bag of Takis she will be your best friend.

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  • Please hire me to organize your gluten free/vegetarian taste tests, I think I have a discerning palette and I can’t afford to try everything and end up hating half of it 🥲

    • That’s such a difficult part of having to be gluten-free! I feel your pain!

  • Canyon Bakehouse is the best! I have been wanting to try these rolls, but no stores seem to carry them anywhere near my city. 🙁