It’s Called Fashion! Heinz Drops Line of Ketchup-Stained Vintage Clothing

If you were a kid growing up between the 1980s and 2000s, then you’ve probably heard from your parents or grandparents about how stupid pre-distressed clothing is, and how “you shouldn’t pay a company to ruin your pants for you before you even buy them, Jessica.” But let’s face it, distressed clothing (i.e. pre-ripped jeans) is a fashion trend that’s here to stay. A trend I didn’t foresee, though? Clothing that comes pre-stained with ketchup. 

Yes, you read that right. Heinz (of ketchup fame) and ThredUp (an online thrift store) have teamed up to bring us a collection of ketchup-stained vintage clothing called: the Heinz Vintage Drip collection, and all proceeds will go to charity. In other news, I think I might actually love this?

So, why do you need a vintage ketchup-stained shirt?

Well, I’m not sure you actually do. But according to Heinz and ThredUp, “when it’s Heinz, it’s not a stain, it’s a statement.” This resonates with me. Probably because it’s so unapologetically kooky. Will I buy it? Oh ho ho, certainly not. But do I appreciate it? Absolutely. Now, I’m guessing you still have a lot of questions. Questions like:

Do these clothes come stained with actual ketchup? 

Yes, a representative from Heinz has confirmed that it is in fact actual ketchup, and that means that the stains will probably fade away in the wash over time.

How many clothing pieces are available in the collection?

There are 157 “streetwear and designer pieces” available in the line, a number that is no doubt an homage to the iconic #57 on Heinz’s labels (apparently the number comes from the “57 varieties” of products Heinz once sold, although it turns out they actually sold over 60 products and the founder just liked the number 57).

Where and when can I buy them, and are they inclusive?

The clothing line is apparently “inclusive across size and gender.” And the items are being sold exclusively here on ThredUp’s website. Price-wise, they run the gamut from affordable $15 ketchup-stained T-shirts to high-end $330 ketchup-stained Yves Saint Laurent dresses. The first drop happened this week, and the next drop (which will supposedly have more high-end items) will be on September 13.

Okay, but why?

The whole point of this drip/drop is to raise money for charity. Apparently, 100% of proceeds from these purchases will go to an organization called Rise Against Hunger to aid in global hunger relief. That is actually so cool. Thanks for ruining lots of vintage clothes for a great cause, Heinz and ThredUp!

Are you on board yet? If so, head on over to ThredUp to pick up a one-of-a-kind vintage clothing item made even more one-of-a-kind by a ketchup stain. Looks like there are still items left from the first drop. And while I don’t know if I would wear a ketchup-stained shirt on purpose, I respect that the cause is good, the idea is original and out-there, and some of the clothes actually look extremely cool (minus the ketchup stain, which will fade). So I guess compliments on people’s clothing are out, and condiments on clothing are in! It’s called fashion, sweetie.

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