Heinz Is Thinking Outside-the-Bottle with a New Line of Fancy Sauces

You know how Troy from High School Musical was tired of being seen as the “basketball guy” and Gabriella was tired of being seen as the “freaky genius girl”? Well, Heinz isn’t in High School Musical (as far as I can remember) but it seems like they are tired of being seen as “the ketchup guy.” Because the company has not been sticking to the status quo as of late.

Heinz, which is best known as a ketchup company (the makers of the best ketchup, no less), has been making attempts to expand their brand, from launching a line of mixed sauces (like Kranch and Mayochup), to ketchup made with honey instead of corn syrup (did you know this was a thing? I didn’t), to BBQ sauces (they have five different styles, y’all!). And now they’ve strayed even farther (in a good way, don’t worry) from the classic ketchup they’ve been supposedly selling since 1869. 

The new Heinz 57 collection is “an elevated line of culinary sauces & spreads” that includes Infused Hot Honey with Chili Oil, Infused Honey with Black Truffle, Culinary Crunch Roasted Garlic Crunch Sauce, Culinary Crunch Chili Pepper Crunch Sauce, and Culinary Crunch Mandarin Orange Miso Crunch Sauce. Now, I understand the concept of infused honey but was a little unclear about this so-called “crunch sauce.” According to Eater, crunch sauce is simply “an oil-based condiment filled with crunchy bits.” Have I mentioned yum? Heinz is truly breaking that viscous, tomato-based mold, and venturing into sophisticated sauce realms as-of-yet unexplored by the ketchup-making giant.

I’m excited to see where this goes! According to FoodSided, Heinz’s head of Marketing and Strategy described this new collection as part of Heinz’s attempt to “create pathways for everyday consumers to discover vast culinary culture in their own homes,” enabling people to “transform traditional dishes into dynamic creations.” Personally, I REALLY want a jar of that roasted garlic crunch sauce to put on avocado toast with a runny egg and some red pepper flakes. You might think that’s basic, but if I’m using a Heinz 57 product, it’s technically a “dynamic creation.” And who are we to argue with Heinz’s head of marketing?

Let me know if you try this product, I’m really curious to see what it is like. I’ll let you know if I try it too, after all, we’re all in this together.

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