Hi-Chew Gummies Are Coming Soon—and We Have Deets

Hi-Chew is a unique candy. It’s like like Hubba Bubba Max you can actually swallow. It’s like saltwater taffy, but if the fruit flavors were accurate and it didn’t permanently stick to your teeth. It’s like Now and Laters if they were actually, you know, good. All that is to say, Hi-Chew is firmly its own thing—no other candy really shares its form factor. But now the brand is going in a new direction. Hi-Chew is branching out into the world of gummies, and I, for one, could not be more stoked to see what game-changing gummy technology Hi-Chew Gummies have in store for us when they come out this fall.

Will Hi-Chew gummies still have a “hi” chew? What flavors are they making? How many bags is it acceptable for an adult to buy at a time?

It is unclear as of now just how chewy these bad boys will be, so until we try them they are kind of a Schrödinger’s gummy—both Haribo hard and Welch’s fruit snacks soft at the same time. Not that I think either would be bad, I just wonder whether the very unique Hi-Chew texture will have any bearing on the texture of these new gummies. Like packs of regular Hi-Chew, the gummies’ packaging still says “intensely chewy,” so I have “hi” hopes on the texture front.

As for flavors, it looks like we we’re getting several in two different packs: a Sour pack consisting of green apple, pineapple, and watermelon gummies, and an Original pack that will contain peach, mango, and strawberry gummies. The best part? All of these gummies are going to have a “juicy filling” inside. We may be looking at a better-flavor, better-texture Gushers situation over here, folks—this is not a drill. Honestly, I don’t care how many bags I should reasonably buy in a single shopping trip. I’m loading up on these things when they’re released in stores this fall.

Feeling impatient? If you want them sooner than that, you are in luck because these gummies will also be available starting in July on Hi-Chew’s website. Until then, we play the waiting game, but come July I will be hi-ly excited to try them out.

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