Kellogg’s New Cereal Is Meant to Be Eaten with…Water?!

Ooorrrr norrrr, Cleorrr! It looks like Kellogg’s just came out with Cereal2O, Just Add Water. Okay, not exactly. That is a reference to a viral TikTok inspired by an Australian teen series about girls who turn into mermaids when exposed to water. In a somewhat similar vein, Kellogg’s has released new prepackaged cereal bowls, called Insta-Bowls, that will transform into a bowl of cereal with milk when you just add water.

Will it transform you into a mermaid? No, probably not. But it might transform you into someone who adds water to your cereal—which is just about as fantastical and mystifying as a mermaid.

But what is the point of Kellogg’s new product? Why would I want to eat cereal with water??

Well, prepackaged cereal bowls already exist, for breakfast eaters on-the-go, or anyone who doesn’t have access to a bowl. These new ones aren’t so different except for one life-changing twist: They contain dehydrated milk powder that rehydrates into regular milk when you add water. So now you can take cereal with you wherever you go, and all you need is a water source and a spoon. It’s such a simple fix for one of life’s biggest dilemmas–when you have cereal but no milk. I’m honestly surprised this wasn’t invented sooner?! 

Apparently, the reason this product took a while to come out is that Kellogg’s wanted to find just the right milk mix that would hydrate immediately and with minimal stirring and shaking, to keep the cereal from getting soggy in the process. Thanks, Kellogg’s, for always keeping our cereal needs top of mind!

To start off, Kellogg’s is offering Insta-Bowl versions of four of its most popular cereals: Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran Crunch, Froot Loops, and Apple Jacks. They will be sold for $1.98 a pop, only at Walmart, at least for now. And the company signaled that a plant-based, dairy-free version will be coming soon.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic idea. You know that issue where you buy cereal and milk but then the milk goes bad before you finish the cereal box, so then you have to buy another carton of milk, but then you finish the cereal and still have milk left? So you need to buy more cereal and the cycle continues, ad infinitum? No? Just me? Point is, this product would solve that problem, which may or may not be relatable to other people. Let me know if you relate, I’m curious.

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  • Good concept, however, powder milk tastes awful IMO, at least compared to regular milk

  • A few foreign countries have done something similar with the musli supplied in their MRE equivalents for years. Perhaps someone watched an MRE review on YouTube.