Doritos Gets Back to Basics with New Ketchup and Mustard Flavors

Maybe the biggest travesty in American snack culture is that ketchup chips aren’t more readily available. The sweet, vegetal, acidic tang of tomato pairs so well with a fried potato chip that the flavors combine to form the taste of French fries dipped in ketchup. But, what of a ketchup corn chip. Doritos recently released two new condiment-centric flavors: Classic Ketchup Doritos and Spicy Mustard Doritos. Won’t the former just taste like ketchup on a taco? And mustard? Not exactly natural flavor partners for Doritos, but I digress, because it’s time to taste these buggers and decide whether or not they’re worth buying. Do they belong in a bowl at your next summer cookout or do they put the con in condiments? Let’s find out.

New Product

Doritos Classic Ketchup

I tipped my hand earlier, but this does remind me of a taco dipped in ketchup. Here’s the thing, though: I’m not entirely against it. The tomato flavor provides a bright, sweet, and acidic punch that compliments the corn quite well. Having tried so many ketchup chips, these definitely call on the lower end of what I consider to be good, but I still think it’s not bad. Fact is, the ketchup flavor is just much more tasty when it’s paired with a potato chip.




New Product

Doritos Spicy Mustard

Well, mustard doesn’t go with corn chips any more than ketchup does, but the spicy component here is what makes the mustard chips barely edge out their tomato counterpart. Spicy heat and Doritos work very well together: See Tapatío and Salsa Verde flavors. This tastes a lot like Chinese hot mustard, which staff-writer Jordan Myrick and I love. Neither of these flavors really blew us away, but they were fine enough.




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