5 Kitchen Essentials to Keep You Organized, According to Sporked’s Naajia Shukri

Oh, the joys of having an organized kitchen; everything in its place and everything with a purpose. Knowing that after I finish cooking or prepping, everything is going to fall back into place perfectly like a puzzle is the air that I breathe.  

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kitchen essentials: Strainer


Over the Sink Colander Strainer Basket

As a person who lives in a small Los Angeles apartment, I love things that allow me to save space. And this collapsible colander does just that! Not to mention it’s ~pink~! This contraption sits in your sink and stretches to accommodate most sink sizes. The sides of the strainer are flat enough to grasp, so you can hold it under the sink while washing fruit or veggies. It also doubles as a drying pocket for silverware while you wash dishes. This product is compact, efficient, and available in multiple colors—although they could’ve stopped at just pink.

kitchen essentials: airfryer


Black+Decker Crisp ‘N Bake Air Fry 4-Slice Toaster Oven

This is the beautiful air fryer/toaster oven that we have in the office. It is sleek, and comes with a rack, pan, and a mesh air fry basket. Every time we use it, I think about getting one for my home. It toasts things evenly and has markers for anywhere from ten to thirty minutes. What’s even better is that the “stay on” setting is on the opposite side of the dial, so there are no mistakes as far as accidentally leaving the toaster fryer on all night. I love the efficiency of having an air fryer and a toaster in one, it leaves no excuse to ever eat a soggy french fry again. 

Dish Daddy Dishwashing Wand
kitchen essentials:  scrub daddy


Aside from the fact that the name is marketing magic, I love anything that puts more space between my hands and dirty dishes. This dishwashing wand has a soap dispensing button, which I love because it is so necessary to control the flow of soap when washing dishes (plus it oozes out of the little Scrub Daddy face’s mouth like he’s having a happy barf). I’ve had dishwashing wands before that will leak all over the place—even when they’re in perfect condition—making a mess and wasting precious, precious dish soap a.k.a. my lifeblood. We can’t have that! Thankfully the Dish Daddy stands up on its own and allows all the excess soap to funnel out of the bottom, into the sink. Magic.

kitchen essentials: nonstick comal


IMUSA Nonstick Comal with Handles

I love making quesadillas but I have a habit of bumping the handle of the pan, knocking it off balance, and ruining a perfectly good lunch. Cooking on a comal, or a flat griddle with small handles on each side, allows me to avoid both spilling my quesadillas and facing the reality that I’m not as spatially aware as I should be. The nonstick factor makes for easy cheese clean up, and its slightly upturned edges mean you can make a crepe or omelet with ease. 

kitchen essentials: measuring spoons


Spring Chef Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set

You wouldn’t guess it from this list, but I love baking. I hate, however, a drawer full of loose measuring spoons or even a key ring of spoons to clank through while trying to find the half teaspoon. Something else I don’t love is living under the thumb of the imperial measuring system and having no idea how many tablespoons to use for a recipe that calls for milliliters. Luckily, this set takes care of both problems. It’s magnetic, stackable, and it has metric conversions listed underneath the imperial measurements. The color coded labels are also aesthetically pleasing and make for easy sorting. 

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  • The floating item gifs are hilarious. I’m definitely picking up that scrub wand omg.