Will Pumpkin Spice Popcorn Become a Classic Fall Snack?

It’s September, and that means pumpkin spice is everywhere and on everything, all of the time. It’s in our lattes, it’s infiltrating our Twinkies, and it’s even sprinkled on our popcorn—but should it be?

LesserEvil has made a name for itself with outside-the-box popcorn flavors. Last summer they released a line that included Watermelon Hibiscus, Lemonade, and Peach Mango, and each one was surprisingly good (I especially liked Lemonade). For fall, the brand added a new sweet popcorn to the mix. You guessed it: pumpkin spice. I’m not a fan of the pumpkin spice flavor profile, but would this crunchy snack win me over? We grabbed a bag at Sporked HQ and I gave it a shot.

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pumpkin spice popcorn

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LesserEvil Organic Pumpkin Spice Popcorn

For someone who doesn’t like pumpkin spice, this LesserEvil Pumpkin Spice Popcorn really had me feeling the flavor! The popcorn is light and crunchy. The pumpkin spice taste is flavorful but subtle. The bag is huge, which is perfect because the only way to eat popcorn is to consume massive amounts of it.

As a pumpkin spice hater, I would actually buy this popcorn for a Fall movie night or casual Halloween get-together. If you’re a PSL fanatic, I think this will definitely please your palate.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / LesserEvil




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