Little Debbie Is Launching a Snickerdoodle Creme Pie

Giant Deborah’s second cousin, Little Debbie, has done it again! She’s baked up a brand new crème pie flavor and it will be hitting stores nationwide at the end of the month. The flavor in question is Snickerdoodle Creme Pies with Cinnamon Sugar. YUM. 

Now, I think I have eaten a total of one Little Debbie Creme Pie in my entire life, and I don’t remember when or where I was at the time.  But I do remember how it tasted: good (and I mean, how could two soft, buttery oatmeal cookies with vanilla creme in between be bad?). Why can’t I remember? Maybe I had some sort of amnesia-inducing fall, or maybe I got struck by a tornado and woke up one morning no longer in Kansas, holding a Little Debbie pie. Whatever happened, the taste of that Little Debbie was memorable enough to make me extremely pumped for this new release.  

However, I do have a couple of questions for my buddy Lil’ Deb. Firstly, will these new snickerdoodle pies significantly differ from the classic oatmeal version? It was at least a little cinnamon-y, as I recall, and the picture on the snickerdoodle box suggests that the cookies may be almost as dark in color as their molasses-and-oatmeal counterparts. Secondly, why didn’t they choose to dust the snickerdoodle pies with cinnamon sugar and make them slightly paler in color so as to resemble the eponymous cookie? All I’m sayin’ is the picture on the packaging just doesn’t strike me as particularly snickerdoodle-y.

But who knows? It’s just two snickerdoodle cookies with vanilla creme in between them. Maybe what’s inside the packaging will look nothing like the depiction on the outside. Or, even more likely, the snickerdoodle pie may look a little weird but taste absofrickinlutely delicious. I’ve never been one to judge a creme pie by its packaging. Because, as we all learned from kinder eggs and Disney Channel original movies: It’s what’s on the inside that counts. 

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