I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Bean Ice Cream

There is a new non-dairy frozen confection in town and its name is BEAN CREAM! Well, not actually. Its name is Wicked Kitchen’s new plant-based ice creams and novelties. But the plant that serves as the base for these products is none other than the lupini bean! Yes, the very same lupini bean that is known for being pickled and snacked on and made into hummus is now the base for vegan ice cream. 

Innovation at its be(an)st.

As of now, Wicked Kitchen (a vegan food company that makes everything from late-night noodles to bean-based ice cream) has four ice cream flavors and several other ice cream novelties, which just became available at Kroger-owned stores and Sprouts nationwide. Those flavors are Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, and Vanilla. They also have a few different flavors of cones and ice creams on sticks including a Chocolate & Almond ice cream bar, a Berry White (very funny) ice cream bar, and a Chocolate & Red Berry Cone—but the main event is definitely the pints. 

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The Sporked crew was joined by Mythical senior writer Aubrey Schopinsky as we cracked open more than a dozen pints of Halo Top to find out which flavors taste the best. 

So, why lupini beans? “The lupini bean has a higher creaminess, texture and mouthfeel than other non-dairy frozen treats. They also have zero aftertaste, unlike coconut or soy-based ice creams,” Pete Speranza, CEO, Wicked Kitchen told FoodIngredientsFirst. I’m still holding out on any judgment until I actually try it. I want to know if the beans make the ice cream taste beany or not. 

To really get to the bottom of this, Rhett needs to call up Beanie Feldstein and do a bean-based ice cream taste test with her. Yes, I know she’s on Broadway right now, but sometimes you just have to remember what’s important and that’s always going to be beans.

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