Mtn Dew Game Fuel Is BACK

Listen up, gamers: The day you have been waiting for has finally arrived. I know you’ve been holed up in your gamer corner since 2017 gaming like mad with only one thought in mind: When will the hecking Game Fuel Mtn Dew come back? Well now you will have to get a new thought for that mind of yours because Mtn Dew Game Fuel is back this week with not just one but TWO flavors for us to check out this winter: Mtn Dew Game Fuel Citrus Cherry with Halo Infinite (returning) and Mtn Dew Game Fuel Mystic Punch with Diablo IV (new).

What are these flavors like? What is a mystic punch? What makes Game Fuel different from any ol’ Mtn Dew flavor?

Well, the Citrus Cherry is a returning flavor, so we know what to expect: It tastes a bit like Mtn Dew Code Red but with a stronger cherry flavor and more of a citrus punch. People seem to love this stuff, and have been begging for its return ever since its last discontinuation in 2016. As for the Mystic Punch, all we know is that it is, according to the bottle, supposed to have a “blast of fruit punch and other natural flavors,” so what I get from that is “fruit punch but make it purple.” And these flavors don’t just exist in a vacuum, they are each promoting different Xbox games (as Mtn Dew Game Fuel is historically wont to do). Citrus Cherry is promoting Halo (as it always does, every time it has been released since 2007), and the new Mystic Punch is promoting Diablo IV. And, as an extension of Mtn Dew’s partnership with Halo, they are releasing a DEW x Halo 3 nostalgic merch capsule collection, which can be found at the Halo Gear Shop. Essentially, if you are a fan of both Mtn Dew and video games, this is your week, my guy.

For a while back in the early 2010s, Mtn Dew was releasing both Citrus Cherry Game Fuel and some other limited Game Fuel flavor once every one or two years, but this stopped in 2017 when Game Fuel still came out but there was no Cherry Citrus in sight. Cut to today, and the Cherry Citrus fans can finally enjoy the drink they’ve spent seven years pining for.

But if you want to try these Mtn Dew Flavors you’d better move quickly because it is rumored that these will only be available for eight weeks before receding back into the Mtn Dewy ether. If you need help finding either of these near you, try Mtn Dew’s product locator.

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  • Unfortunately, no zero sugar version. I feel like they are missing a newer and growing demographic.