A New Blue Dew Is Coming Soon to You: Mtn Dew Infinite Swirl!

Knock knock! Who’s there? It’s more Mtn Dew, that’s who! Just when you thought the soda giant couldn’t come up with any more iterations of violent blue + tropical fruit, the soda Instagrammers of the world have leaked yet another summer 2024 flavor for our future Mountain Dewing pleasure: Infinite Swirl. Besides being a great alternative to the phrase “toilet overflow,” this new flavor is also going to be yet another bright blue addition to the Dew family come June 2024, when this Pineapple Berry flavored soda will reportedly hit stores.

Well, never fear, I’m here to calm your infinite swirling mind and dew what I dew best: Tell you more about this stuff. First of all, it is blue and is said to contain “a blast of pineapple berry flavor,” according to the bottle image that was leaked via soda stan accounts @teamsupernovafb and @sodaseekers on Instagram. Not only that, but the bottle has an aggressive-looking, angry, anthropomorphic cartoon pineapple on it, and I don’t know about you, but to me, that lends the soda some intrigue. Who is this pineapple guy? Is he happy or angry? Is he perhaps hangry? Just soda things I think about so you don’t have to. As for size formats, as of right now, it would seem the only available format will be a 20 ounce bottle (and potentially a fountain drink—remains to be seen), and it will be available starting in June, sold exclusively at 7-Eleven and Speedway stores. Fans on the Mtn Dew Wiki (a real website full of rich Mtn Dew history) have pointed out that this Infinite Swirl flavor combo is sort of similar to MTN Dew Typhoon, which was Strawberry Pineapple. Fans are hoping the new flavor will be similar to the classic Typhoon flavor they loved.

So if you are a pineapple fiend, a Dew fiend, or that lucky individual who is a fan of both, definitely go pick up a bottle of this when summer rolls around. I might get some myself. I’m curious to try it alongside Blue Raspberry Jolly Ranchers and Takis Blue Heat to see what color my infinite swirl will be the next morning.

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