Leaked Updates on 3 New Mtn Dew Summer 2024 Flavors

Ringing in the New Year means resolutions: Read more. Start a new hobby. Find new thirst-quenching ways to be patriotic. Your standard resolutions. Well, look no further than Mountain Dew’s patriotic summer flavors to help you drink in your love of the USA. While we went into the holidays just scratching the surface of these leaked flavors, Mountain Dew has continued to develop their patriotic flavors and these developments have leaked right back to us and now to you.

What are the new summer Mtn Dew flavors?

Soda super spy @teamsupernovafb has provided news on Mountain Dew’s three upcoming patriotic flavors, including leaked visual renders of the red, white, and blue Dews, both in a 12-pack and individual bottles, plus updates on the names and flavors.

Liberty Brew Changes to Liberty Chill

The rereleased blue Dew, formerly known as “Liberty Brew,” has been renamed “Liberty Chill.” I for one can’t help but feel a little disappointed in the change. I mean, what’s more American than drinking a brew with your bros as you set off fireworks that will most likely bring more harm than good to the veterans that are allegedly being celebrated? On that note, it has been speculated that this change came from a wish to distance the drink from any association with alcohol. No brews, only Dew. This new blue Dew purports to be a blend of 50 (yes, 50!!) different flavors. 

Freedom Frenzy Changes to Freedom Fusion

The brand new white Mtn Dew, formerly known as Freedom Frenzy, has been renamed Freedom Fusion. I think embracing fusion over frenzy is just the vibe this peach lemonade flavored Mtn Dew (and this country) need. Frenzy assumes chaos from this flavor pairing, fusion understands that these two flavors are a match made in heaven. 

Star Spangled Splash Stays Star Spangled Splash

And then there’s the all new red Dew, Star Spangled Splash. As of this writing, it will remain Star Spangled Splash and it will remain raspberry and strawberry flavored. 

While I too am eager to try 50 flavors in a single bottle of blue fizz, these patriotic flavors will not be available until summer 2024, nor will they be available in sugar-free options. However, when they do hit the stores—any store that sells Mountain Dew products—I suggest getting a move on buying them up as they will only be around for a limited time. In the meantime, spend these next months of waiting reflecting on the wonders of this country. Life. Liberty. Mountain Dew.

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