Mtn Dew Is Giving Us Another Reason to Be Excited About the Solar Eclipse

It’s April 8, 2024, and solar eclipse mania is in full effect. Millions of people are traveling to the “path of totality” (which sounds very ominous in a very sci-fi way), while millions of others will be blowing off work this afternoon to stare at the sky wherever they are (just don’t be like this guy). Yep, it’s a big day for astronomy buffs, pro and layman alike—but it’s a big day for soda lovers, too. Fan favorite Mtn Dew flavor Mtn Dew Pitch Black is returning for just 24 hours…naturally, there’s a catch.

Okay, what is Mtn Dew Pitch Black and how do I get my hands on some?

If you’re not up on your discontinued Mtn Dew flaves, Pitch Black is deep purple Mtn Dew that was originally released for Halloween in 2004 and eventually became part of the main lineup until it was discontinued in 2021. As far as what it tastes like, it was initially described as being “black grape” flavored, but when it was rereleased last year, it was newly described as “dark citrus” flavored. Sporked taste tester Jordan Myrick said they tasted both citrus and grape in the flavor profile; they liked it enough to give it the silver medal in our ranking of the best Mtn Dew flavors—the only flavor that beat it is the original Mtn Dew.

So how are you supposed to get your hands on a bottle of Mtn Dew Pitch Black? Well, that’s where things get a little tricky. Between now and 11:59 p.m. on April 9, Mtn Dew wants you to share an image of your experience of the eclipse (without pointing your phone at or staring into the sun, plz) on X (formerly Twitter). Just tag @mtndew and use the hashtags #MtnDewPitchBlack #Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of 250 prize packs consisting of two 20-ounce special edition bottles of Mtn Dew Pitch Black, as well as a Pitch Black hoodie.

Here’s there tweet with the deets:

So, no. You can’t go to the store and pick up a bottle of Mtn Dew Pitch Black to guzzle while you watch the sun become shrouded by the shadow of the moon (booooo). But you can shoot off a tweet and cross your fingers the Mtn Dew Pitch Black gods smile on you.

Again, and I can’t stress this enough: Don’t stare directly into the sun today!

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