An Honest Review of the New My Mochi Pickle Mochi Ice Cream

To celebrate National Pickle Day (it was November 14 but you can still celebrate), My Mochi Ice Cream pushed the boundaries of mochi ice cream with their new, limited edition My Mochi Classic Pickle Mochi Ice Cream. According to My Mochi, this is the world’s first and only pickle flavored mochi ice cream. Fam, we are in uncharted pickle mochi territory here!

Admittedly, pickle flavored mochi sounds a little gimmicky, but I was intrigued enough to be excited to try it out. Plus, each pickle mochi is only 80 calories and gluten free—it’s a workday snack I can feel okay about regardless of the outcome! 

My Mochi Classic Pickle Mochi Ice Cream

Pickle Mochi Ice Cream!

My Mochi Classic Pickle Mochi Ice Cream

The former president and CEO of My Mochi, Frances Hashimoto, literally created mochi ice cream. So, if anyone is qualified to make pickle mochi work, it’s My Mochi. Upon trying the My Mochi Classic Pickle Mochi Ice Cream, my first reaction was that it was better than I thought it would be. High praise, lol. Let’s go into more detail. 

Pros: There’s an interesting contrast between the subtly vanilla and dill-flavored ice cream inside and the doughy, dill-flavored exterior. At first, it tastes like the mochi coating doesn’t contain a strong dill taste, but after trying both the interior ice cream on its own and the exterior on its own, I actually think that the most potent dill flavor comes from the mochi. This combo adds intrigue and a bit of puzzlement.

Cons: This ice cream doesn’t taste super pickley to me—which I am okay with, but that’s something that some pickle fans could be disappointed about. Instead, the flavor is distinctly like fresh dill. The new Van Leeuwen Dill Pickle Ice Cream that we tried had a stronger tanginess. 

So, if you’re in it for the tangy pickle, go with Van Leeuwen. However, if you’re intrigued by dill-flavored ice cream, then My Mochi’s new offering is worth picking up. 

Credit: Liv Averett / My Mochi




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  • I find this FASCINATING (/sarcasm) considering their MATCHA mochi ice cream started to taste like dill pickles back in 2021 with a LOT of complaints. Either they rebranded the soured batches of matcha into this, or they were experimenting and the batches were being sent out (either on accident or on purpose). Either way, this seems more like an attempt to save face for their horrendous batches of matcha mochi ice creams.