Neapolitan Oreos Are Nabisco’s Finest Work Yet

I’ll be honest: My faith in Oreo was shaken a bit following the release of their less-than-stellar Oreo x Ritz collab. I was worried that Nabisco wasn’t sure what the people wanted anymore, but after trying their limited edition Neapolitan Oreos, I am once again a firm believer in their ability to innovate and make things we love.

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Limited Edition Neapolitan Oreos

These to me taste just like Duvalín, the creamy Mexican candy that you eat with a teeny tiny spatula, but in cookie form. I know the bag says limited edition, but this is one flavor that I really hope Oreo will keep around. It’s just so good. The flavor of the cookie itself is sweet and very faintly spiced with cinnamon, but in a rather muted way so as not to overpower or outshine the amazing triple-stacked filling on the inside. Where do I even begin with the filling? Wow! It is so creamy and the three flavors complement one another so well. You can really taste the chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla in each bite. These are sweet but not sickeningly sweet like, say, the Birthday Cake Oreos. These cookies just have so much more richness and depth of flavor. Oreo has outdone itself with this release. Target audience reached, perfection achieved—I would absolutely replace the regular Oreos in my life with these. You deserve a pat on the back, Nabisco. Proud of you.




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