Nestlé Toll House Announced Its Holiday Cookie Dough Lineup, and We’re Already Preheating the Oven

Winter is coming. How do I know this? Certainly not the change in weather, nor the many hours of darkness, nor the rising number of daily references to this one Game of Thrones quote. No no, the only way I know winter is coming is when I see iconic holiday products returning to store shelves.

Seriously though, without International Delight releasing Grinch-themed holiday coffee creamers back in July, I would’ve just assumed summer would go on forever, so thank goodness they gave us all a sign. The latest item to once again grace us with its (still kind of early) merry presence? Nestlé Toll House’s holiday cookie dough.

Back in 2019, they introduced a chocolate chip Nestlé Toll House holiday cookie dough for the first time, which was chocolate chip with the addition of green and red sprinkles. Last year, for a limited time, they brought us Peppermint Cocoa, Gingerbread, Red Velvet, and Snow Day (sugar cookies with snowy looking sprinkles), as well as Holiday Sugar Cookie dough with green and red M&M’s Minis. This year, people’s favorite two from last year are back by popular demand: Peppermint Cocoa Cookies and the Holiday Sugar Cookies with M&M’s Minis. What do these cookies taste like (if you haven’t already tried them)? Well the peppermint cocoa ones have “red and white peppermint chunks and cocoa flavored cookie dough” and the holiday sugar cookies are “sugar cookie dough with red and green Holiday M&M’s Minis candies.” I don’t know about you, but to me, it sounds like it’s pretty hard to go wrong with either of those options. That being said, I 100% have my eyes set on those chocolatey peppermint ones. HmmmmmMMMMMM BOI do those look good. And while I cannot encourage this behavior (in fact legally I may have to actively discourage it), I will be eating that cookie dough sashimi style. That is to say, raw, thinly sliced, and with soy sauce (and by soy sauce I mean chocolate sauce and ice cream)—and no I will not be taking questions at this time. 

These became available at grocery stores last week for around $3.50 each, and will remain available through the holiday season. So smash and/or compost your pumpkins and whip out your inflatable holiday menorahs because big grocery is telling us it’s December already and the easiest thing to do is just embrace it and buy your holiday cookies and coffee creamers in early November. Or heck, why not July?

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