9 New Cutting-Edge Food Brands to Look for at Kroger

When I think of Kroger, I think of a normal grocery store. A grocery store with both brand name and generic products. A grocery store with sales and a rewards program. A grocery store you could find in any suburb. I certainly do not think of cutting edge. Thanks to my recent trip to a professional food show, I learned that Kroger is actually at the forefront of new products, small brands, and interesting trends.

Kroger’s Go Fresh & Local Supplier Accelerator is a program that Kroger created two years ago to help foster relationships with small and diverse brands based in the U.S. The intention is to “offer additional opportunities” to “suppliers of every size to collaborate and help our businesses grow, succeed and innovate.”

And while this may seem just like philanthropy, it’s a smart move for Kroger. By getting in early with up-and-coming brands, Kroger guarantees that they will have interesting new products no one else has.

Each year, Kroger selects a handful of small companies for this program. Keep an eye out at a Kroger near you for this year’s Kroger Go Fresh & Local Supplier Accelerator brands:

Maazah (Minneapolis, MN) – A women-owned, family-owned, Afghan-owned company making “bright, bold, and balanced Afghan-style chutney.” 

Coro Foods (Kent, WA) – An ethically sourced and creatively crafted cured meats from a women-owned company. They specialize in salami, offering flavors like lemongrass and mole as well as the classics, but they also make some specialty meats like lamb prosciutto. 

Nona Lim (Oakland, CA) – A women-owned, Asian-owned company selling refrigerated noodle kits like pad see ew and teriyaki ramen with “clean ingredients” and “big fresh flavors.”

Queen Charlotte’s Pimento Cheese Royale (Charlotte, NC) – Pimento cheese from a family-owned business in Charlotte, NC created by two North Carolina natives.

Zacca Hummus (Boise, ID) – A Lebanese-owned business making non-GMO, gluten-free, and artificial preservative-free hummus using their family recipe.

The Ugly Company (Kingsburg, CA) – Snacks made using “ugly” produce with the intention to “prevent food waste and add value back to our family farms.”

Soul Food Starters (Macedonia, OH) – A Black-owned, woman-owned business specializing in seasoning kits based on family recipes.  

Soupergirl (Washington, D.C.) – Ready-to-eat soups made with vegan, kosher, and sustainably sourced ingredients from a women-owned company out of our nation’s capital.

Hiatus (Baltimore, MD) – A Black-owned, “community-focused” business making premium cheesecakes in delicious flavors like sweet potato and Oreo with natural ingredients.

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Jordan is an L.A.-based writer and comedian who believes all food should come with extra sauce. When they're not writing for Sporked, Jordan is at the movies or sharing an order of french fries with their elderly chihuahua.

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  • Thank you for highlighting this, Jordan! I’m excited to look for these products. I’m 100% going to get some Queen Charlotte’s pimento cheese this weekend. It looks like they have it at our local Kroger.

  • it’s about time!!! i just don’t understand why you all don’t have more vegan/vegetarian choices???

  • Kroger just got rid of Turkey Hill premium Homemade Vanilla ( milk,cream ,cane sugar, vanilla) simply perfect. The Premium ice cream line should have been expanded to Metro Market and higher end Kroger stores- but No!
    I won’t be looking for the trends- I will be looking for Turkey Hill!

    • They’re doing away with a lot of things . I love Turkey Hill ice cream

  • Anything new as far as groceries go, are very welcome. I hope that kroger will put these smaller businesses on the national map. I assume that they will be only available locally maybe regionally until these products catch on. I have noticed some more obscure items while shopping there, but it was just by chance, so I hope that the company plans to plans to feature products prominently in store and online.

  • Straight white are being discriminated against, today!! This advertisement is racist.

  • I love Kroger but they’re doing away with too many of the good things snacks and everything if things don’t change if we don’t like what they’re getting in we’re going to Walmart and food Depot.

  • Kroger bought Fred Meyer in the west and have ruined that store. It was a one shop store. With a lot of high end clothing and shoe wear as well as there lower end priced clothes. They have downsized all departments until they are gone and turning it into all grocery. We in Oregon are used to getting all they need from apples to nuts and screws to new movies, music to towels and sheets. We never had to run around in the rain and snow from one store to another. Oh even a bank!

  • Love Queen Charlotte brands!!! Next to homemade.. I feel that you have been very selective in which products you choose to celebrate. It’s quite evident you have chosen, gender, color, ethnic specific products. I won’t say that they are not good products, but you as most company’s are catering to the minority. The USA is a melting pot, which still includes white males, females, old and young. As much as the word inclusive is used now days, I take this to mean ALL people, not meant to leave out a certain group. I need say no more.