Two New Cheerios Flavors Are Here to Change Up Breakfast

Cheerios. They’re more than just the plural form of how British people say goodbye.

They also happen to be a popular oat-based cereal that most Americans have eaten at some point in their lives. The base flavor is very plain and pleasantly grainy and has almost no discernible sweetness (you might even detect a hint of salt instead). But don’t you worry, my sweet-cereal-loving brethren, there are many other flavors too, as I’m sure many of you already know, ranging from honey nut (sweet) to chocolate (also sweet) to frosted (sweet but in white). The list goes on (and on), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more on the shelf.

Two New Cheerios Flavors to Munch On

This week, Cheerios announced two new limited-edition flavors that just hit the market for a limited time: Honey Vanilla and Banana Caramel. I have to give props to cheerios, these are two unique and creative flavor niches they have not yet explored.

In a press release dispatched to Mashed, the company said that the Honey Vanilla variety, unsurprisingly, has a new honey-vanilla flavoring, while the Banana Caramel Cheerios get made with “real banana puree in addition to caramel flavors.” If I’m being honest, these both sound quite good, and I’m not usually a “banana-flavored things” kind of person. Though maybe I have nothing to worry about on the banana front, because some people tried the Banana Caramel flavor on YouTube and said it “tasted just like regular Cheerios and that they could only detect a tiny bit of bananas”.

I guess I’ll have to try them out for myself the next time I swing by the ol’ Safeway, because as the saying goes:

Cheerios, Cheerios, they’re good for your heart,

The more you eat the more…Cheerios you will have eaten.

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