Maple SPAM Just Entered Your Inbox

SPAM is a pretty divisive food. Most people either love it or they’ve never tried it. And while the idea of it might freak some people out, in reality SPAM is just “spiced ham.” It’s sort of like an oblong canned bologna situation. So if you like bologna, you will like SPAM. Plus, if you slice the SPAM and pan fry it with a soy glaze, you unlock a whole other layer of flavor and, MAN, is it fantastic. I could go on and on about how SPAM deserves a place in your inbox (aka mouth). But we need to address the sticky elephant in the room: SPAM just released their first new permanent flavor since 2015 and that flavor is…pause for effect…maple.

They went with a sweet flavor? How should I reframe this in my head to make it good? Is Canada mad about it?

Yes indeed, they actually went with a sweet flavor. But this is coming from a company that released a figgy pudding flavored canned meat product last holiday season, so it seems like the recipe developers over at SPAM have very few qualms about mass-producing sweet meats. But unlike with the figgy pudding offering, which was essentially a spice cake-flavored sausage, I could actually imagine this maple SPAM being good. How? Because breakfast sausage exists. I have certainly had maple flavored meat before, and I gotta say, I don’t hate it. I bet this maple SPAM would be really good in a breakfast frittata or mixed into a scramble. Heck, it might even be good in a breakfast burrito! The company has described this new meaty maple offering as “sweet, natural maple flavoring with the savory goodness of Spam Classic.” So essentially, maple flavored SPAM. As for how Canada feels about it, who knows, but I bet when they tell us they’ll be real nice about it.

With this flavor tacked on there will now be 11 different flavors of SPAM out there: Classic, Maple, Bacon, Turkey, Hickory Smoke, Hot & Spicy, Jalapeño, Teriyaki, Tocino, Lite, and Less Sodium. Truly, there’s a flavor out there for everyone. So if you haven’t tried SPAM, what are you waiting for? Frickin’ send it. Plus, if you are interested in the new Maple SPAM specifically, it rolls out to stores nationwide this month, plus you can find it on Amazon for $3.58.

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